Bodies Over Time

I’m on the record many times over as a holding a fascination for the maturing of bodies over time. I do like them young and flush with the recent flood of post-adolescent testosterone, no doubt. But I also like them as they mature, like a fine wine growing more complex, well-rounded, and smooth going down (so to speak). So the recent dust-up at the BG East Headquarters yahoo group over whether Brad Rochelle stayed in the homoerotic wrestling biz too long is a no brainer for me. Of course not.

I’m happy to remember that it was Brad as cover-boy on the BG East website years and years ago that made me a BGE devotee instantly. Young, hard, with a baby-face despite the cleft chin… Brad looked like the stunningly handsome fratboy of my dreams. There was just something instantly classic about Brad in stills, the captured moment of hard, hot youth dripping with eager, effortless sensuality. The stills and description of Brad on the website were what made me purchase my first BG East video, and Brad’s amazing performance cemented the deal. I’m now hooked, and I suspect I’ll never have “enough” BG East products to keep me from jonesin’ for the latest tempting treat that they continue to produce.

Kid Leopard, fielding some critiques aimed at Brad’s physique in more recent career appearances, rhetorically pointed out that he’d love to be 20 years old again, but none of us really have that option, so how is it valid to fault a 30-something (?) year old Brad for not looking exactly like he did when he first appeared in a wrestling video around 1993 or so. I, for one, would not love to be 20 years old again. Not just because I was so anxious and uncertain about my own sexuality, but frankly, I wasn’t in nearly the physical shape I am now as I rapidly approach 40. To tell the truth, if I met my 20 year old self today, I could kick his ass in a heartbeat. And if I’m being truthful, I think I’d find it cathartic to beat the crap out of my anxiety-wracked, skinny, 20 year-old self. Hell, there’s even something sort of hot about the idea. Okay, now I’ve probably gone and said too much…

Back to Brad: then, now… whatever. His most recent BGE appearance, I believe, was released in 2006. And true enough, in a side by side comparison, he’s not quite as rock hard as he was when he was 20 or so. He isn’t as tanned, which is something that comes with the wisdom of age. His pecs aren’t filled out to quite the extent they were in 1993. His shoulders are surely not quite as wide. But come on! His most recent incarnation includes a six pack, bulging biceps, astonishingly low body-fat, and gorgeous, strong legs. He’s not a twin of his younger self, but he’s hardly someone that would fail to grab my attention and make my heart race were I to see him out at a bar. More importantly, as far as I’m concerned, his most recent incarnation continues to be one in which he pounds and gets pounded, squeezes and gets squeezed, and weaves together a smoking hot story of a snarling will to dominate and a chip on his heart-of-a-jobber shoulder that he’ll never quite shake, no matter how many young challengers he decimates. Those are all the elements that keep me happily entertained by homoerotic wrestling today and a decade ago, and from start to finish, Brad was always a sure-fire go-to guy to make my fantasies come to life.

3 thoughts on “Bodies Over Time

  1. Gays can be so cruel, like you I do not quite understand the Brad bashing, he had/has a body that is enviable. When friends would ask me what it was about wrestling that turned me on, I always popped a Brad Rochelle tape into the box and said “see for yourself”, most were still perplexed by the association of wrestling and eroticism, but they got what I found attractive about wrestlers that looked like Brad.None of us should take to seriously what is posted on the groups pages, after all some small and surely blind contributors have been gushing about what a trophy Kevin Lee is? Enough said…Topher

  2. Well, I don't think the Brad "bashing" was about Brad at all. The majority of comments were highly positive, along the lines of "Where is he?" and "Please, bring him back!" The problem, such as it was, is that he illustrates some of the qualities a lot of guys who get into gay wrestling inherently hate. Unlike most other types of erotica, one doesn't have to be a stud or a male model or a stripper to break into the video scene. BGE can be highly isolating, meaning someone can join the tribe and not interact with people who buy videos or even generate any significant following. As such, they expect/want to be desired as part of their own experience. But that only works so long as they don't pay attention to comments from actual fans. So when people gush about Brad, there's an immediate backlash from those who hate being reminded that a lot of people, especially the ones who buy videos, who really do look at the range of bodies on the roster and make judgments.Brad himself, though, is obviously highly attractive. Even in his last videos. Yes, he wasn't quite as built, and more significantly, he wasn't tanned (tanning makes a huge difference in how defined and pumped a guy looks, which is why you'll never see a pale bodybuilder on stage or in a magazine). It's only because he was, in fact, so exceptionally well put together in his original run (late 90s) that anyone could even bitch at all. If he debuted looking like he did in The Contract, I have no doubt a lot of people would have gushed over him. Considering he obviously sold a lot more tapes than the average BGE wrestler, I think it's fair to say most people did anyway. He's a reminder, a painful one to some, that good looking 21 year olds generally turn into hot 31 year olds and 41, 51, etc.The really interesting thing about Brad, however, is that he comes up at all, let alone as often as he does. Pro wrestling in general and gay wrestling in particular is like dog years. People hardly comment on wrestlers in current catalogs, let alone ones who haven't appeared in anything new in well over 4 years. And even when Brad comes up it's not people gushing about the range of his performances. A majority of his matches were highly competitive, back 'n forth epics, especially in mat matches where he only "lost" maybe 2 times out of a good 16 or so total. It's always the memory of his ring matches where he lost that get most of the attention.I say it's supply and demand. Guys who win or at least compete until the end are everywhere. It's the sum total of televised pro wrestling, and UFC and Olympic freestyle and on and on. But hot guys who lose, often "humiliatingly" are rare. So that stands out. Brad-mania is all about the fantasy of the hot guy who can be had, when pro wrestling is mostly hot guys who can't. Anyway…

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