Name That Ass

I’m but a poor imitation of my betters. That said, here’s another concept I’m ripping off of another blogger, with my own particular wrestling kink twist to it: Name that Ass.

In addition to borrowing liberally from Squarehippies’ Guess this Hairy Chest, I also want to give a nod to the classic game show Name that Tune, which surely gets credit for this derivation of a derivation. I loved Name that Tune. Contestants would battle over how few musical notes it would take for them to recognize some muzak version of a popular song. I sucked at the game, but I loved it. There was always that delightful “a-ha!” moment when the full melody was played, and you could appreciate those precious few, bewildering notes in their all too familiar context. With that in mind, I’d like to zoom in on a handful of truly inspiring asses, rather out of context, and challenge you to see whether you can… name that ass.
First up…
 this pair of stunningly gorgeous glutes makes me stop and take a second look every time.
this white v black boston crab actually stars two awesome asses, but you only really see the stunner in white in this pic. For extra credit, you can name the muscle glutes in black, as well.
These lightly hairy cheeks desperately need to appear in more homoerotic wrestling action, as far as I’m concerned.

This ass is beautiful in the shower, on the mat, in oil, or on a pool table (okay, so that was too much of a hint…)
Fifth, and last…
…this muscle ass has made me gasp in awe many times since I discovered it.
So, have fun. Some of you who are as obsessed with homoerotic wrestling will likely find this far too easy. If this poses no challenge to any of you, perhaps I’ll give this another run and try to make it really, really tough on you… even closer close-ups, even . You’re welcome to put your answers/guesses in a comment, or just keep the tally yourself and check tomorrow for the answers.

4 thoughts on “Name That Ass

  1. Bard, you give us to much credit, this is F'n difficult. though its early in the AM, i am reasonably coherent, and i am coming up with nothing in terms of names.At this hour the best i can do is as follows:pic 1 is the bg arenapic 2 is Rock hard wrestlingpic 3 is no friggin ideapic 4 is naked combatpic 5 is someone's garageam i even close?

  2. You're on the money so far, topher. In the spirit of Name that Tune, I'll give you a few more clues… The five asses above include one of my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestlers, one of my top contenders, and two past homoerotic wrestlers of the month. One rookie above as appeared in exactly one match (that I own and love), and another rookie has appeared in exactly two matches (that I own and love). All of these asses appear in recent releases (past 6 months).

  3. pic 1 is Joshua Goodman (that's Mr. Joshua to you!)pic 2 is Travis Storm / Cody Nelson (Rock Hard Wrestling)pic 3 is Landon Mycles?pic 4 is Trent Diesel ?pic 5 is definitely from Thunder's Arena… but is it Z-man? or Ace Hanson?

  4. Nicely spotted, Jose! And extra points for remembering to point out, "that's Mr. Joshua to you!" Pic 5 remains a mystery, but I bet Joe would spot that ass anywhere.

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