Hercules and the Giant Antaeus

Cage Thunder’s blog post today lays out how he envisions a match playing out between new BG East wrestler Magnus and him. Cage has some inspiring ideas of the twists and turns in the drama that would undoubtedly unfold. Even conceding 40 pounds and 5 inches in height, Cage is thinking that he’d have Magnus’ number in the end. If anyone has the experience, savvy, and skill to conquer muscle freak Magnus, I’m thinking it’s Cage Thunder.

There’s a whole lot I like about Wrestle Worship 3. First and foremost, I’m excited to see another installment in the wrestle worship franchise. I own and love WresWor 1 (mmmmmm… Rafe….) and 2, and the notion of gorgeous bodies slipping seamlessly between battle and lustful adoration is one of my favorite homoerotic wrestling scenarios of all time. When wrestlers work up a roaring head of erotic passion out of the intense physicality of a battle for domination, it strums a chord right at the heart of my wrestling kink.

6’4″, 230 pound Magnus is fucking huge. When he’s posing in the mirror in the BG East matroom before his opponent arrives, he looks freakishly massive, but it’s only when Surge walks into the room and steps in front of Magnus that it’s entirely clear that Magnus isn’t simply huge. He’s fucking huge. 5’11”, 185 pound Surge is quite the impressive muscle beast himself, but lets face it, he looks relatively juvenile dwarfed in the shadow of the gargantuan wonder.

There are two things that occur to me as I watch the beginning of their tussle. First, I’m thinking that Magnus would be his own ride in that homoerotic wrestling theme park that I fantasize about every so often. I’d wait in line a long time, with a bottle of baby oil in hand, to have a go at studying every inch and ounce of his astonishingly worship-worthy body. The second thought that occurs to me at the start of this bout is that “little” Surge is like a hero of Greek mythology. He visibly swallows the stark terror that’s got to be washing over him and then bravely demands that Magnus wrestle him. “I’m not afraid of you!” he lies.
As you might guess, Surge is completely outmuscled by Magnus. It’s not as if it’s a surprise to see the 6’4″ muscle freak pick up, throw down, toss and crush his opponent without breaking a sweat. What’s more compelling for me is the gusto with which sexy Surge keeps throwing his own beautifully muscled body at the monster in front of him. While Magnus admires his own double bicep in the mirror, Surge creeps up behind him and struggles to wrap his arms around the massive lats and traps in front of him. I mean, literally, he struggles to extend his limbs sufficiently to be able to manage a full nelson on the wide open bodybuilder. When he does finally manage it, Magnus seems to barely notice. He simply steps backward and crushes Surge against the wall behind them. Surge loses his grip and slides off as Magnus returns to the middle of the mat to flex for his own pleasure some more. Undaunted, Surge sprints across the room and launches himself into the skyscraper again, lacing his fingers behind Magnus’ neck and making the muscle freak stumble backward. Here’s where I’m fascinated most: Magnus struggles in the full nelson! He strains and stretches with the ferocious terrier latched to his back. Sure, he eventually charges backward and slams Surge into the wall again, winning his freedom. But Surge’s determination to face down these incredibly long odds makes me, despite myself, start cheering for him!
Picture Hercules wrestling the giant Antaeus. That’s what I’m seeing as I watch, inspired by the sight of beautiful muscle hunk Surge get ground into the dirt and relentlessly keep coming back for more. Surge clearly has something to prove. He’s obviously not familiar with the feeling of being overpowered, and he stubbornly keeps launching one doomed effort after another to bring the giant to his knees. For his troubles, Magnus grows progressively nastier in dishing out his punishment, slapping down the Greek hero more and more brutally. And the longer Surge refuses to stay down, the more sexually charged the contact grows between them. When the square cuts come off, Magnus somehow seems to swell even larger.  He stands like a marble statue as Surge tentatively, almost fearfully peels the yellow trunks down Magnus’ freakishly thick thighs. When thongs get stripped not long afterward, the timelessness of this battle seems that much more poignant. I think it’s incredibly astonishing (and just damn unfair!) that Magnus’ beer can cock is perfectly proportioned to the rest of freakishly huge body. Again, Surge is no slouch, but he seems somehow merely mortal as he faces down the side of beef hanging between Magnus’ legs.

I’ve already lingered quite a bit on three particular moments in the homestretch of this mat battle. First, there’s a moment when Magnus has pounded Surge to his back on the mat once again. They’re both naked, and Magnus saddles up on top of Surge’s chest, slapping down his monster cock. The proximity seems to send Surge over the edge, as he desperately stretches his neck and lips to grab hold of the giant’s feast. Magnus teases him, keeping the tip of his head just a fraction of an inch out of reach of Surge’s hungry mouth. Eventually, Magnus demands that Surge “flex those big pecs” of his (I LOVE it that Magnus acknowledges Surge’s rocking physique!). Crunching out his pecs, Surge is delighted to be treated to Magnus stroking his cock, tightly squeezed in the crevice between Surge’s thick pecs. A second intoxicating moment in the match for me is the last of a whole boatload of bearhugs that Magnus applies crushing Surge, making him scream, swinging him about like a rag doll. The last one is over relatively quickly (though it’s not hard to imagine Magnus maintaining the hold for a week and a half). Both wrestlers are naked. Surge’s sweet ass is on gorgeous display. My herculean hero thrashes, throwing his upper body in every direction to try to loosen his captors grip. The pain in his voice as he submits once more is simply sublime! And the final moment captivating me is the sight of the two warriors standing, cock-to-cock and pec-to-pec in the center of the mats. From behind, Surge nearly completely disappears behind Magnus’ hulking form. Magnus holds Surge’s face in his hands, staring down domineeringly, as Surge lustfully slides his hands around the back of Magnus’ hips, grabbing the thick and meaty glutes of the superhuman giant. Pause. Rewind. Play again.

This is an excellent new addition to the Wrestle Worship series for many reasons. Magnus is a force of nature that, I predict, would stretch even the skills of someone like Cage Thunder, which would be simply priceless to watch! And sweet, sexy Surge is irrepressible. Watching him wrestle with his own stubborn refusal to admit defeat, only to see his desire to conquer morph into a lust to worship his conquerer is over the top hot. What a combination!

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