Ring Thug to Beardaddy

I’ve been working like crazy, and it’s been keeping me from posting lately. I have had half an eye on homoerotic wrestling, however. There’s pretty much always a running commentary in my mind on homoerotic wrestling, which I typically just transcribe here for you to dip your foot into the stream of my consciousness. So I always have lots to say, even if I don’t have the time to get it on the page. With a little time carved out of my work day this morning, I want to register a comment about an event that grabbed my attention a few days ago.

Brendan Cage – 6′, 200 pounds

Brendan Cage is wrestling for Thunder’s Arena! This news is about equally as titillating to me as the news that Cameron Mathews is back in front of the Thunder’s camera. I thought Cameron was getting a little overexposed a few months ago. Absence, it always seems, makes the heart grow fonder, and I’m just now reminded what a hot, hilarious, highly skilled wrestler Cam is, and what a world class ass he has!

Brendan is looking HOT!

But seeing a brunette Brendan show up in Florida caught me a little by surprise for how excited it made me.  I’ve appreciated what I’ve seen of him at Can-Am over the past year or so.  He’s got a look for pro wrestling, I think. He’s beautifully built, with thick, powerful legs and a hot, round bubble butt. There’s something a little hypnotic about his nipples. I wouldn’t describe his face as pretty, but damn he’s handsome. He looks mean, like he’s seen some hard times which have taught him that the winner is the one who does whatever it takes to crush the opposition. He’s wrestled some unconventional matches for Can-Am including two 2-on-1 (in the end) squashes and a Pro Tagteam Sex Battle partnering with former homoerotic wrestler of the month Aryx Quinn in defeating twinky Jake Lyons and ripped babyface and also former homoerotic wrestler of the month, Landon Mycles.  Brendan in trunks, kneepads and pro boots strikes an extremely provocative chord in me!

Beardaddy looking for a cub?

Like a game of Go Fish, the homoerotic wrestling companies switch up their players a lot, often not for the better in my opinion. Occasionally, though, in a different pair of hands, wrestlers deliver something fantastically new and exciting (think Jake Jenkins, Austin Cooper, Z-Man, etc.). I think Brendan is made for the ring, but Thunder’s has done some awfully exciting things in bringing Brendan over to their mats in Florida.

Cub looking for a Beardaddy?

That hairy chest is turning me on!!! In Brendan’s first match with Thunder’s, Cam also looks like he’s a little distracted by those sweet, clawable hairy pecs and those hypnotic nipples.

Cam looks like he’s appreciating what Brendan is packing.

I’m also attracted to Brendan a lot more without the bleach blond hair. In fact, with just a hint of salt-and-pepper sprinkled in, he’s working that budding beardaddy fantasy I mentioned recently. My record is solid when it comes to appreciating youth and beauty, but when beauty is paired with just a little maturity, I’m often helplessly caught in its gravitational pull. When youth and beauty are paired with maturity and beauty, such as perpetual babyface and body beautiful Cam side-by-side with hairy chested, salt-and-pepper muscledaddy Brendan, I’m at full attention!

Brendan sizes up the competition.
It’s hard to keep your hands off Cam’s sexy body!
I haven’t seen the match yet, so my impressions come from only the pics from ThundersTV. But the stills suggest that Thunder’s is letting these two hunks play to their strong suits. Both of them seem to me to have a sharp sense of humor and a total willingness to throw themselves headlong into the homoerotic deep end of the pool. Some of the shots of the match certainly look like Cam is happy to let Brendan give his smooth, ripped (damn, he’s looking more amazing than ever!) body some hands-on appreciation.
Cam checks out Brendan’s poorly concealed weapon.
As I mentioned, Cam looks like he’s almost as fascinated with Brendan’s muscle body as I am.  Still-frames can be deceiving, of course, but there are several shots in which it looks like Cam can’t take his eyes off of Brendan’s bulging, perfectly outlined package.
Brendan pumps out push ups with Cam latched on.
Brendan in position to dominate
It looks to me like neither wrestler is reluctant to enjoy some highly suggestive riding time. With beardaddy Brendan pinning Cam to his stomach, arching his back slightly and looking for the world like he’s ready to plow Cam’s world class ass, my growing infatuation with Brendan is stroked that much harder.
Cam gloats over an early advantage over Brendan
There’s also evidence that there’s plenty of wrestling. Cam has got to have some of the longest credits to his name in the homoerotic wrestling business, and there’s something about his work with Thunder’s that brings out his extremely sexy sense of humor in a way that’s possibly even sexier than his work with more homo-oriented productions. I expect to see skilled storytelling and impressive and entertaining wrestling when Cam takes the mat.
Cam looks like he’s in expert hands.

Even though Brendan isn’t in boots, kneepads, or a ring, he looks like he’s mixing it up quite nicely with Cam on the mat.  My imagination is fired up in a whole new way, and although I don’t expect to see any explicit victory fucks at Thunder’s the way we’ve seen Brendan at Can-Am, this could be every bit, if not even more erotic, for my homoerotic wrestling tastes. I’ll let you know once I’ve seen him in motion.

This is art!

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