Share the Wealth

A new writer has posted a most excellent piece of homoerotic wrestling fiction at Sidelineland. Alex tells me that there’s a little bit of autobiography along with some very entertaining embellishment in his story of how competing national flags bring out the beast in two hot and horny underground wrestlers.

I’ve said this to Alex directly, and I’m happy to repeat it for neverland readers as well: Alex is a fantastic writer with an excellent taste for the moving parts of homoerotic wrestling kink. I’m already pestering him to write some more to share with us at Sidelineland. If you aren’t already signed up, do so here to get a gander at Alex’s match, “Flag vs. Flag: Canada vs. USA,” as well as other works from other authors (including me). Even better, take a page out of his book and send me some of your own original wrestling fiction!

And just a word of thanks to several readers who commented online and off after my recent post in which I explored some of the existential quandaries of a homoerotic wrestling blogger.  Kind words, encouragement, and occasional reminders that my prattling on is meaningful to a few others are sweet motivation to keep plugging away.  And I’m happy to report that it appears no one seems the worse for wear as a result of me declining to post paid advertisements here at neverland. Just to be completely transparent, I’m always more than happy to receive comped wrestling products to review (and secondarily add to my burgeoning collection). Between review copies and the occasional positive reader feedback and  talented, courageous souls like Alex sending me some hot wrestling fiction to share, I’m feeling well-rewarded for my efforts.

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