The Warehouse

I just posted a new piece of homoerotic wrestling fiction over at the members-only writing group Sidelineland (join for free, but you’ll need to join to read the collection). Author Metellus took the lead for this introduction to an underground fight club in NYC. Our introduction to The Warehouse comes through the eyes of doe-eyed muscle rookie, French Canadian Thierry, who shows up for his rookie debut.
Warehouse rookie: Thierry

I happen to know for a fact that Metellus has a significant and long-standing crush on model Thierry, so it comes as no surprise to me that Thierry has shown up for some full contact, no rules, beautiful bodies bonanza fictional wrestling in Metellus’ imagination. And no doubt about it, Thierry is a specimen to behold! His oh-so-pretty face looks almost out of place on his seriously hot, bulging, muscled body. Thierry clearly has the raw talent to turn heads and inspire some imaginations, but does he have the wrestling talent to survive for long in the brutal world of underground, pay-per-view competition?
The Warehouse Promoter (and new Bard obsession): Brad
I, for some reason, got quickly fixated on a secondary character in Metellus’ first draft. The club promoter, Brad, is a massively muscled, blond bodybuilder bombshell that seems to be scratching an itch I’m having lately for the big boys. Metellus assures me that we’ll be seeing more of big, beautiful Brad.
Daniel Garofali has a taste for hot wrestling, now!

And Thierry’s initiator into the brutality of The Warehouse is none other than my stunning New Year’s Eve houseguest, Aussie fitness model Daniel Garofali!  Daniel certainly taught me some delightful lessons in homoerotic wrestling, and I’m thrilled to see that he’s got a regular gig showing off that fantasy man body and going pec-to-pec and cock-to-cock in competition in The Warehouse. I could have warned Thierry ahead of time that this gorgeous Aussie should NOT be underestimated. Ah, but what fun would it be if rookie’s all understood what was in store for them?  Thanks, Metellus, for sharing some highly entertaining fresh fiction!

One thought on “The Warehouse

  1. Wow, what a guy Thierry is! And that picture of him is just perfect. He really looks like an archetypal hero ready to face danger. The perfect jobber in any wrestling match would look like him IMO. Congrats for this great blog, eep it up!

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