Class Warfare

Damien Rush moves into BG East to execute an
unfriendly takeover bid.

Hell, yes! My latest crop of BG East new releases arrived on my birthday, and what a sweet, sweet birthday present! There’s so much to enjoy, and I’m trying to pace myself. Self-restraint is not my strong suit, but I’m working on savoring each taste deliberately. I’ve spent the most time so far in the high class, blue blood company of silver spoon fed pretty boy rookie, Damien Rush in Strip Stakes 3.

The coiffed rookie looks down his nose at Morgan Cruise.

Wowzers! What’s a trust fund baby, who gets off on wrestling, to do with all his time when he’s not cashing daddy’s checks? If you’re Damien Rush, you hire a personal trainer to muscle up and learn some ring moves; you purchase some tailored, shiny ring gear; and I’m guessing you probably spend a day at the spa getting a facial, a full body massage, and expert manscaping to look just about as gorgeous and invincible as you feel. Finally, click that “wrestle for bg east” tab at the bottom of the website and let The Boss know when you’ll be arriving and that you require Perrier and fois gras in your dressing room.

Damien’s punishing legs and bulging crotch are perfect for homoerotic wrestling!

I’d never really thought of Morgan Cruise as a blue collar champion, but that’s why The Boss is The Boss. The contrast between these two gorgeous men is subtle, but impossible to miss. The trust fund baby is long and lean and classically handsome. He shows up in designer shades and his tuxedo jacket, dripping with condescension and class privilege. He’s clean around all the edges, strong chin, $300 haircut…. When Morgan the Mastodon catches his first sight of Damien, Morgan looks like the line worker who’s walked into a jacket-and-tie-required 3-star restaurant.  Hunky, cocky, heel-bent Morgan succumbs to the power of social class politics, falling silent, literally slack-jawed, and passively allowing the aristocrat to shove his sunglasses into his hands like his personal valet.

Morgan is determined to make the trust fund baby pay up

I have to admit that 30 seconds into this match I was guessing that burly Morgan was about to squash Damien in what was destined to be a back alley mugging. And without a doubt, Morgan pretty quickly humbles the trust fund baby for looking down his nose at him. But even if Damien doesn’t have the ring experience of the Mastodon, he apparently has all the training that daddy’s bank account can buy. He takes some early offense from Morgan and, with impressive skills for an untested rookie, turns the tide and puts curly-haired Morgan on his back. Damien’s long, lovely legs are his strong suit. He nearly squeezes the will to keep fighting out of rough-around-the-edges Morgan, crushing his kidneys between his knees.

Morgan strips and pummels while Damien struggles for air
 through the crotch of his own trunks.

“Nearly,” is a dangerous word in the world of BG East, however. Once Morgan shakes off his socially proscribed class insecurity, he not only hammers the trust fund baby into a stupor, but he also begins to seriously, almostly lovingly relish making and watching his opponent suffer. The Mastodon seems to be particularly infatuated with watching Damien’s handsome face (and who blames him?) contorted, twisted, and screwed up in toothy, open-mouthed agony. The hot aristocrat is made of surprisingly tough stuff, though, and even when the match momentum is burying him hopelessly, he holds out longer than I’d have guessed a trust fund baby could manage, bitterly resisting acknowledging that he’s been humbled by a “little man” from the other side of the tracks.  Pretty boy finally gives away the first submission, however, and Morgan decides right then and there that just beating the blue blood is completely insufficient. He decides that he must humble the arrogant aristocrat completely, stripping him out of his skin-tight, tailored, royal purple trunks and shoving them over Damien’s face, where they stay for almost all of the second fall as Morgan flings and pounds the arrogant rookie all over the ring.

Morgan is entranced by the sight of the suffering he’s inflicting.
Damien’s body is incredibly tasty, and tastier and tastier with each item of clothing he loses! When Morgan traps him in the ropes, Damien’s agony and vulnerability are a feast for the eyes. His cries and whimpers are music to my ears. And the trust fund baby’s ample package is provocatively propped on top of the middle rope like a trophy on the mantel.  Right about then, I’m guessing Damien was wishing that he had his wrestling tutor at ringside to coach him out of his humiliating predicament. Happily, however, he does not.
Naked wrestling and an explosive ramrod rookie debut!
As I mentioned, this is not a squash. Damien wrestles with impressive bursts of technical skill and speed, and when he’s down to nothing but a bare assed g-string, his humiliation seems to trigger a ferocious warrior-within.  With a rage in his eyes that turns me ON, he out-hustles, slams, and pins hunky Morgan to his back for a fantastic small package 3-count that stuns Morgan so completely that Damien is able to strip him out of his signature square cuts and shove them over the Mastodon’s face for some crowing tit-for-tat revenge. But do not doubt that the 99% are done with getting shafted. Morgan takes some beating, but his designs on capturing the title of BG East’s resident heel extraordinaire will not be denied by the likes of gym-toned Damien. In a move that shocks me (despite the title of this product), both of these battlers end up battling in nothing but their boots before the end, and once Damien has exhausted everything in his reserves, Morgan delights in wrapping the naked stud back up in the ropes and torturing him helplessly in a gratuitous, sweat-dripping full nelson. Just as he looks like he’s about to pop Damien’s head right off his neck, we finally get the answer of why, really, a blue blooded trust fund baby would click on the “wrestle for bg east” tab on the website. With nowhere left to go, conquered in body and soul, humbled and humiliated like no one has ever managed before, Damien not only gets hard, he can’t help himself but begin stroking his cock. His groans of agony mix with groans of ecstasy, as Morgan watches on, as if enraptured by the sight of the outcome of his power and mastery of his opponent.
The 99% get their’s in the end.

There are two epiphany moments for me in Strip Stakes 3. First, I’m stunned by this barnburner rookie debut. Showing up with all that personality hanging out, all of those devastatingly gorgeous looks, and ready to put absolutely every inch of his body on the line for the match that introduces him to BG East fans is earth shaking. He’s incredibly sexy, and the glimpse of him enraged, ferocious, and powering on top gives me a double shot of adrenaline. The idea of a Mr. Moneybags lie-cheat-and-steal his way to the top-of-the-heap homoerotic wrestler (who’s, incidentally, g-g-g-gorgeous!) is an idea whose time has surely come! My second epiphany in this match is how astonishingly sexy it is to see Morgan Cruise turn the volume up to 11 when it comes to homoeroticism. Seriously, I did not know that the Mastodon had it in him to bare it all and let us see just how profoundly he enjoys – no, lusts for – the feeling of dominating and devouring a bare naked opponent.  If Morgan’s wish is, as reported, to take his place among the greatest heels of BG East, I certainly can’t say that he’s on par with the likes of hairy, hunky sadist Brooklyn Bodywrecker… but I can definitely see him on that path. Well done, Morgan! A hearty and enthusiastic welcome to Mr. Rush’s son! And yet another “thank you” to The Boss for producing the sexiest wrestling on tap!

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