A New Direction

Several regular readers have noticed that I’ve been conspicuously less frequent in my postings over the past several weeks. While the ebb and flow of life has often generated this pattern in the past, I need to announce some major changes here at neverland based on a good deal of introspection, soul-searching, and, frankly, intensive psychotherapy.

First, I’m not discontinuing neverland, in case that’s what anyone is thinking. I’ll continue to post here about the infinite trivialities running through my head as has been, in general, my style for the past nearly 4 years.

However, I’ve been led through extensive meditation and life-review that my infatuation with homoerotic wrestling has become too limited and limiting. I’ve somehow made a ridiculous amount of hay for nearly 4 years out of a singular fixation on the eroticism of wrestling. What about the romantic allure of gentle tenderness and kindness? What about the erotic delights of a spiritual connection with another human being? My tunnel-visioned focus on grunting, sweating, aggressive, trash-talking, body pounding, joint wrenching, humiliating domination through the performance art of professional wrestling for gay eyes is surely not all that there is to a satisfying, robust, well-rounded libido.

Therefore, based on my introspection and some advice from my therapist, starting today, I’m going to begin blogging about a more thoughtful and comprehensive view of what can turn me on, including things like flowers, walks in the park, cuddling by the fire, and sensual, loving erotic massage. While wrestling topics may pop up now and then, I will begin exploring a more diverse and expansive understanding of the erotic. I hope that you will respect this course correction and new focus, and chime in with your own thoughts on what, other than wrestling, turns you on.


5 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. BARD??? You're GOOOD! You are GOOOD!!! You'd NEARLY had me…that is, until I'd neared the end of your little 'shpeil' with "the walks in the park" and "the flowers"… C'mon! Wakey! Wakey! IT'S APRIL FOOLS' DAY, GUYS! I can't wait to see TUESDAY's entry! (Fool me once, shame on YOU…fool me twice…)

  2. P.S. I'm embarrassed–ASHAMED–to admit how far into this I got before I caught on. Why didn't I think "April Fools" right away?! Surely it's nothing to do with my own dull wits–rather, it's a testament to your prose, Bard! (Yeah, that's it. I'm good with that.)

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