First Day of Christmas

My chestnuts just got a little extra roasted when I opened up what has to be one of the sexiest Christmas card’s ever.  There are so many reasons Kid Karisma is my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler, not least of which is that this holiday hunk is one of the most generous wrestlers when it comes to reaching out to fans.  Don’t forget to consider Kid Karisma for so many best of BG East end-of-the-year best-of awardsJust imagine unwrapping this under your tree!

“You either love me or hate me, you just don’t want to fuck with me!!! However, I would like to thank my fans and haters! I wish all a great holiday and lots of ejaculations in 2014. Also, thank you to Bard and Joe for providing the wrestling community with great reads and insights to what is happening in this ever-expanding community (and reminding everyone that I am a BAMF)!” ~Kid Karisma


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