Bring It, Biff!

Humungous, hot, hard as granite rookie Biff Farrell.

Imagine my surprise to discover that the magnificent blond muscle boy debuting in Lon Dumont’s new release Wrestler Spotlight compilation is, in fact, named Biff. I thought he looked like a Biff. I even announced here that I’d think of him as “Biff” until I learned otherwise.  I also mentioned how I’d enthusiastically nurse a fantasy of seeing him kick sand in some twink’s face.

BG East offers up the stats that Biff is 5’7″ and 190 pounds. Damn, I want more numbers!

Fuck, I like the look of Biff. From every angle. I’m crazy for those baby blue eyes and beautiful boyband face. His shoulders are insanely huge. That ass is a work of art. But fuck it all, those lightly hairy, gargantuan legs simply blow my mind.

Hello, Legs!!!

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I was first in line to get my hands all over Lon Dumont’s first Wrestler Spotlight release. As the president of the Lon Dumont fan club, I officially cannot ever get enough of watching BG East’s resident pro wrestler turned competitive bodybuilder turned pro wrestling bodybuilder. His Wrestler Spotlight 3-some is piled high with everything that makes me so obsessed with Lon. His body. His attitude. His body. His brutality. His body. His humor. His body. But even I have to admit that my blood was rushing even harder to see what Lon would do with a bombshell beefcake newbie like big, beautiful Biff.

Lon mounts the “spine-tingling” rookie from behind. Understandably.

Lon sees it too, mind you. Lon is absolutely taken with the mass of gorgeous muscles flexing back at him when he first arrives ringside. He literally pulls up a stool to just sit and watch this phenomenal specimen pump out some of the most impressive, titillating first look flexing you’ve ever seen on a newbie. Words are exchanged. An arm wrestling challenge does not go Lon’s way.  And with his delicate ego bruised, Lon is all over every succulent inch of big Biff. He announces, ominously, thrillingly, that this is going to be a forced-to-flex match.  Lon’s debut with BG East just a few years ago demonstrated how devastating he can be when submissions don’t count without being forced to flex. All that muscle on Biff.  Lon chomping at the bit to make him flex. Holy shit, this is pure gold!

Holy hell, Biff knows what to do with ring ropes!

Here’s the thing, though. If you’re like me, you expect big, brawny, babyface beefcake Biff to absolutely dominate in pure, stunning, overpowering strength. But if you’re like me, you also expect Lon’s years of indy pro wrestling experience, battle worn into one of the most devastating, vicious wrestling heels currently in the ring, to out hustle and outmaneuver the green rookie.  So if you’re like me, you’ll be profoundly delighted to watch this untried, unknown mountain of muscle seriously wrestle!  He repeatedly knocks Lon on his rock hard glutes, and then follows up with astonishingly confident and devastating pro wrestling moves. Lon is in serious jeopardy through most of this match, which is a place I never expected to see him in, at least not against a doe-eyed rook.

Flex for me, Biff!

Lon is a tenacious fucker, though, and although it takes him quite a bit more time and effort than he’d planned, eventually he maneuvers bulging Biff nice an snug between a rock and Lon’s hard spot. The muscled rook is no dummy. When he’s stuck but good, he obediently pumps out precisely the poses that his bodybuilder tormentor demands. Lon is a maestro, playing this remarkable rookie for everything he’s worth. The juxtaposition of devastatingly hot, powerful muscles and the humiliation of submissively flexing at his opponent’s command is what makes me such a total sucker for precisely this type of match.

Let’s see that most muscular, rookie!

Lon gives us a guided tour of Biff’s magnificent muscles, dragging him to the edge of unconsciousness over and over, driving him to the brink of panic and relenting only when we get to see another display of Biff’s physique. This is total ownership. The rook is Lon’s plaything. And I am once again in awe of how completely Lon turns me on. That, I knew to expect. What I didn’t expect was how instantly big Biff Farrell has captured my imagination, set up shop in my wrestling fantasies, and left me breathlessly waiting to see what those skills, that physique, and all of that potential will do next!

Luscious, massive, sweat-soaked, muscles look so sexy conquered and defenseless!

Welcome to the family, Biff. Can’t wait to see much, much more of you!

7 thoughts on “Bring It, Biff!

  1. Hey Bard,
    I can honestly say I’ve never understood the fascination with Lon. I mean, he has never done it for me. I’m only excited about this match because of Biff…whoa mama what a beaut!

    1. Biff certainly is eye-catching, isn’t he? As for Lon, I was smitten from the very first moment I saw him wrestle. Happily, the homoerotic wrestling industry is populated by a deep field of talent to appeal to so many different tastes and kinks.

      1. I would also say that even though Lon physically doesn’t do anything for me, I do like his ring personality. Way too few wrestlers at Thunder’s Arena, BGeast, RockHardWrestling, and others, are too quiet or aren’t cocky enough and barely taunt their opponents. If I was in the ring I would mock my opponents constantly especially when I was winning and Lon does that well.

  2. Isn’t it a surprise that I totally agree with you? This guy’s got me salivating! I’m also hoping to see him again soon.

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