Ice & Fire

Charlie Evans has got his eye on what fans want.

I’m always thrilled to hear from the men who inspire my wrestling fantasies, so count me titillated to have lovely newbie on the scene Charlie Evans reach out and touch me (metaphorically speaking). Noting my appeal to see some evidence of the Halloween hotness that wrestlers and wrestling fans get up to, the hot little red-head sent along some photos of his costume this year, making hearts beat faster as Iceman.  Personally, I think it’s a crime against nature to disguise his shockingly sexy red hair, but I get the commitment to the character that led him to look like a brunette for the day.  He assures me (because I quickly complained) that it was temporary.

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I do adore a hot wrestler who fully commits to his character. I’d like to know where one applies for the job of applying blue body paint across every inch of a game young stud like this. Next year, please keep in mind that I’ve got two free hands to rub in any thing you need. Fuck, I’ll devote more appendages than that to the job.

I consider superhero fetish as kink-adjacent to my deep, throbbing obsession with homoerotic wrestling. But the genres crossover frequently across many different platforms.  Given that, can I suggest at hot vs. cold, rip ‘n’ strip battle of the elements between Charlie’s Iceman and Eye of the Cyclone’s fiery hunk hero Fireblade? Eye of the Cyclone’s profile of Fireblade describes him as cocky and self-confident, a bartender by day and a fame-hungry superhero by night (or is that reversed when your “day job” is bartending?). Fireblade’s hands burn fire hot, particularly when he stokes his engine with a tug at his crotch. Fire or ice?  Iceman very well may have his hands more than full, and if I had to make a prediction, I’d say someone’s in serious danger of melting at the feet of his opponent.  What do you think?



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