Best Legs

We’re at an even 150 votes cast after 5 days of open polls, so I’m calling it. The reader’s choice for BG East’s best legs in 2016 is none other than Logan Vaughn.


To be fair, this was incredibly close. Logan pumped out a victory of only 3 votes over big, beautiful, buff, bulging, blue-eyed beefcake Biff Farrell. Further fine print has to acknowledge that this is neverland readers’ choice, and there’s no telling who might have reigned victorious if BG East included a Best Legs category in their end-of-year Bestie Awards. It’s also true that the slate of candidates was entirely based on my own tastes and preferences, and in actual Bestie polling, there could have been someone entirely unrepresented in my poll who could have clamped their massive quads around the category and crushed out a victory. Even with all of those qualifications noted, however, I have to say I heartily approve. Logan Vaughn’s massive legs have been featured in my fondest wrestling fantasies before I ever actually saw him wrestle.

When I see Logan in porn, all I can think is “standing headscissors!”

When I first learned that Logan was going to wrestle for BG East, I screamed like a girl. He was grossly underused in JetSet Men’s Ultimate Top. His appearance in Naked Kombat was disappointing for me, because we never real saw those legs dominate the way they should. I have enjoyed seeing a couple of his Thunder’s Arena appearances, as they play more to the fantasyman that Logan so clearly is. But this beast and his monster quads were built for exactly one thing, as far as I’m concerned: fantasy pro.

Logan strikes terror in Catch Weight 7

I have Logan’s most recent new release, Catch Weight 7, in my cue, but what I always, always long to see is Logan in the pro wrestling ring crushing an opponent every which way with those tree trunks before bending and breaking his foe into an openly awed, slack jawed, zealous convert to the absolutely devoted worship of Logan’s quads. In other words, I cue up Florida Fights 5.


In addition to Biff Farrell having an insanely passionate fan base, I also know for a fact that Kid Karisma is particularly proud of his legs and more than willing to put them up against anyone in the ring. And, of course, Chace LaChance was the Best Body winner last year, so it’s got to smart getting slapped down to third place for legs. And fuck, have you SEEN newbie Ramy Khoury’s huge, hairy thighs? That magnificent specimen deserves a much more competitive sophomore match up at BG East than his debut, and I would pay good money to see what he could do in this tournament of champions.

Logan makes art and he is art.

But even still, as much as I am passionately devoted in my following of Kid Karisma, as much as I adore Chace and swoon for big Biff, line them up side by side and give me just one pair of legs to get on my knees and worship, just one set of monster quads to oil down and frot fuck, one muscle god with twin towers to bury my face in and beg to get scissored, and I have to confess, I’m with the plurality on this one.

Worship his majesty

Logan Vaughn has got the best legs at BG East.

3 thoughts on “Best Legs

  1. I wish Logan and Biff had been even in the polls. That would have brought to unbreak the results in the ring. And of course Logan would have TOTALLY destroyed and humiliated Biff.

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