In All of My Spare Time

As many of you have noted, my posts have been extremely sparse over the past several months. This is a result of a number of factors. I’ve been slammed at work, which has become a huge time suck. However, it’s not just that. I’ve also been examining my disenchantment with social media in general, as it has become more and more evident that decisively undemocratic forces have successfully manipulated social media to disenfranchise millions and cause harm in the real world. My contempt for social media has also grown as multiple platforms have campaigned against sexuality, sexual diversity, minority gender identity, and the human body in general (not to even mention eroticism). My ambivalence has caused me to drift away from most social media, and, as my blogging has become so entwined with social media, blogging as well. Frankly, I’m not sure what the future holds for my blogging or social media activity.


That said, I thought I’d send up a signal flare and just let concerned folks know that I’m still alive. I’ve had a few exceptionally well-deserved days off of work, and I’ve been deep sea diving into CMLL (Consejo Mudial de Lucha Libre) on Youtube. I have 3 current infatuations from this federation. While he’s not my top infatuation, I wanted to share some money shots of the most overtly eroticized wrestler I’ve been watching. He was unmasked in September of 2017, and has since continued wrestling, sin máscara, ever since.


On November 27 of 2017, Niebla Roja competed in a 6-man tag team match that you should watch here. Opponents are constantly intimidated by Niebla Roja’s insanely hot, ripped, fuckable physique. In the November 27th match, as in many matches, his opponent, Pierroth, just stops in the middle of the action, to slowly look up and down his mindblowing muscles, and, clearly intimidated, insist on flexing his own merely mortal muscles to try to convince himself and the audience that Niebla Roja isn’t simply 1,000 times more gorgeously built. For his part, Niebla Roja always enjoys that moment immensely, because it demands that he flex back in comparison, and there’s never any comparison.


In most of the matches I’ve watched thus far, Niebla Roja starts the match wearing a sleeveless shirt. When the shit gets real in the match, he rips off his shirt (sort of like turning your rally cap around), to the screeches of delight of the women in the audience. But in this November 27 match, Niebla Roja goes full on Magic Mike and rips off his tear-away skin tight white tights. Particularly poignant is the fact that he takes it all off as he squares off against Gran Guerrero, the same opponent who unmasked him just 2 months prior. The normally ecstatic reaction he elicits from the fans when he shows some skin turns full on rapturous.


He looks fucking incredible in tight, white trunks hugging his squarely muscled glutes. There’s a strong hit of Tommy Zenk, a la the banner to this blog, but more overtly and self-consciously sexual. To drive home the eroticism, essentially his first offensive maneuver after the strip tease is to leap up onto Gran Guerrero’s shoulders, and spin around, face-to-crotch, and fling himself backward, pulling off a headscissors takedown that sends his opponent skidding out of the ring.


This particular brand of lucha libre is holding my attention hard for a lot of reasons, not even close to the top reason being Niebla Roja’s stripper schtick. There’s an old school vibe that is hot as fuck about most of these matches. They usually come out slathered in buckets of baby oil. All of the matches are best 2 out of 3, so even though the pace is frantic and the holds typically brief, everybody has the opportunity to shine, and everybody takes their turn suffering. Most of the matches are 2 or 3 man tag team bouts, with inevitable boatloads of incredibly provocative double/triple-teaming. Everybody (E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y.) flies, usually over the ropes and outside of the ring. They’re fucking mean, heels and babyfaces alike. And with Niebla Roja as the exception since September of 2017, the masks are so fucking hot! Niebla Roja is merely in third place in my current roster of erotic lucha libre infatuations because I’d donate a kidney to see El Cuatrero and Oro Jr. in a best out of 3 falls rip and strip match until the loser gets fucked, all with their masks on.


It doesn’t hurt that for this November 27th match, Niebla Roja was just a couple days out from the Mr. CMLL bodybuilding competition that year, for which he was as ripped as fuck. The Mr. CMLL’s are also bingeworthy YouTubing. There’s something incredibly provocative about wrestlers, showing off their physiques in posing briefs and masks. The only thing that would make it more erotic for me would be to have the competitors break out into a full on, oil -oaked, pro tan-smeared, muscle bashing match, preferably with Cuatrero and Oro Jr. as the principals, as I’ve mentioned before.

Anyhow, all of that to say that I’m still fully engaged in appreciating the eroticism of wrestling. I continue to love the sport, the more erotic, the better. I enjoy the community of homoerotic wrestling fans, for the most part, though the bullshit guys get into on social media (see, there it is again) gets depressing, with tearing down wrestlers and fellow fans and reporting to platform Gestapo false complaints in order to get each other banned. Seriously, not only is that shit petty, it only serves to reinforce the Leave It to Beaver fantasy that social media platforms are trying to promote, that the world is antiseptic and vanilla, that naked bodies are shameful, and that erotic lust is, in and of itself, a disgrace. Quit that shit out, people. It’s so fucking discouraging to see us do it to ourselves.

I have every intention to post more here, but intentions are not actions, so we’ll have to wait and see. In the mean time, I’ll just be over here combing through the 30th or so lucha libre match that I’ve watched in the past few days. To those who have emailed and messaged asking about my welfare, thanks for your concern. To the wrestling hunk who I completely disappeared on mid-sentence in the middle of an interview online, I apologize profusely and will eagerly submit to being bent over your knee and spanked the next time I see you. To all of the wrestlers and producers who supplied such fantastic homoerotic content in 2018, thank you. If you don’t hear it from me enough, I hope you know that I, like most of your fans, profoundly appreciate your craft more than you’ll ever know.



2 thoughts on “In All of My Spare Time

  1. I’m very, very relieved to see that you are, indeed, alive and well, and still at least planning to continue posting (and I’m hoping you finish out the wrestling news anchors series). But I totally get the disgust with most social media. It’s been co-opted by the far right hyper conservative hate filled voices, speaking to and reinforcing society’s uglier instincts. I like to think it’s a handfull of very noisy mouthpieces and not a reflection of the majority. Or a handfull of well organized professional trolls. Whatever, thank you for still being here.

  2. Great to see anything from you, Bard. I’m sorry that things on social are getting you down. I can’t say that you’re wrong, especially on how tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google are using their unrestricted power to try to erase minority sexual identities, as you put it. Twitter is the only social media I use any more and I only post blog updates, staying out of political conversations. It’s hard to do, especially with wrestling. I’ve stopped following so many pro wrestlers, because they are so vocal in their support for American right wing politics.

    I’m sure my own Google-hosted blog will face another content crisis one day soon. However, while I can’t say that you’re wrong, I hope you find an outlet for your interests and perspective. I miss it. 🙂 And I’m sure many others do, too.

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