Trunk Pull Tuesday

scrap steel
Steel vs. Scrappy -Thunder’s Arena’s Bodybuilder Battle 146

It’s a theme set #trunkpulltuesday! I thought it might be my imagination, but when I examined the receipts, it turned out to be true: opponent’s love yanking on the back of Scrappy’s trunks. For obvious reasons, it’s got to be a crowd pleaser. He’s got one of the most muscular, perfectly proportioned asses in the business, so it’s not like any of us on this side of the camera are going to complain. He’s also such a sensational, smirky, smart ass character, that opponents clearly enjoy the little extra touch of humiliation that comes with wedging his trunks up his crack. When it occurred to me that I’d seen Scrappy’s trunks pulled on several occasions, I thought it might just be my imagination (because, you know the power of my imagination!). As my hunting and gathering demonstrates below, however, it’s a fact. Scrappy is a #trunkpulltuesday repeater.


Cameron Matthews is always a crowd pleaser, so little wonder he goes the extra mile when he bearhugs the fuck out of Scrappy for W4H. He not only scoops the musclebunny way, way off his feet, crushing and squeezing he life out of Scrap’s insanely narrow midsection, but he manages to grab the top of his trunks as he goes. There’s no strategic reason for it. Cam just knows what he’s selling, and who he’s selling it to!


At some point in my hibernation over the last year and a half, a new wrestling production has popped up, named Weekend Wrestling. BG East alum Cole Cassidy appears to be at the helm, so I’m expecting to find a ton of heels crushing jobbers. Cole has generously given me permission to add WW to my copyright permissions, and one of the first images I find is, of course, Scrappy’s ass (wrestling as aptly named Prince Adonis) exposed as Brendan Byers holds him across his body and digs his fingertips into that muscled glory.


Back at W4H, nasty brute Donnie Dukes grinds Scrappy’s muscles to mush, testing the seams of Scrap’s dark blue  trunks severely along the way.  Honestly, though, that ass!

scrappy.pngAgain, at W4H, Drew Harper tested Scrappy’s muscles in the ring and on the beach. In their ring match, Drew pulled off the double humiliation of  a vicious trunk pull and hair pull, showing off the Scrap’s divine physique and totally owning him. Come to think of it, Scrappy sure seems to get his hair pulled a lot, too!  Hmmm….

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