Trunk Pull Tuesday

Today’s #TrunkPullTuesday is dedicated to the beautiful, muscled, round ass cheeks that are sometimes showcased with a hearty trunk pull and a strategic camera angle. I’ve curated this collection from among many of my very favorite asses in wrestling. Thanks to the pullers for so generously treating us, and thanks to those on the receiving end of these trunk pulls for looking so, so fucking fine!


In Calvin Haynes’ Wrestler Spotlight, his standing headscissors are enough to get me seriously hard, but showing off Mason Brooks’ magnificent ass at the same time kicks this hot match up several notches for me!


Apparently, we all owe Masked Menace an immense debt of gratitude for taking go-go muscleboy Van Skyler, in Masked Mayhem 17: Heel Training, and forcibly molding him into the breakout leather daddy heel star of 2019. Seriously, I had no idea Van had a match like Dark Knights 14: Birth of a Master in him, but I love to be surprised almost as much as a absolutely adore Van’s muscleman glutes.


I’ve taken heat in the past for just how much I crush on featherweight grappler Charlie Evan’s beautifully munchable ass. I get it, in so much as he doesn’t fit my typical thick, bulging butt tastes. But Charlie is just so fucking pretty, and when Calvin Haynes uses a trunk pull assist to choke slam lovely little Charlie way, way, way off his feet in Tag Team Torture 26, it’s the reveal of Charlie’s aesthetic ass that makes me stand up and cheer.


It’s hardly a mystery why buff bro Kenny Starr was voted the Debut of the Year in 2018. Physically, he’s the total package of a naughty fratboy dabbling on the homoerotic side of the tracks, bringing a smoking hot, ripped bod and a serious lack of inhibitions.  In Jobberpaloozer 17, I think Trophy Boy Ty Alexander makes a serious miscalculation when he wedgies Kenny’s trunks up his crack and makes the bro’s booty shimmy, hoisted up high in a bearhug. Kenny’s muscle carved glutes are so stunningly pretty, I daresay they threaten to upstage Ty’s pride and joy ass!


I have yet to sink my teeth into Weekend Wrestling, but their promotional shots of Cole Casside nearly (?) ripping Zach Reno’s trunks off definitely make me sit up and take notice of this new company. I get the impression that Zach may not bat for our team, but he’s seems awfully game to give us a glimpse of what we like. Could someone ask him, for me, how he might feel about a muscle worship stakes match, putting his beautifully hot butt up for grabs, squeezes, and adoration, if an opponent beats him into submission?


What the fuck ever happened to Marco Carlow? The fact that I can only see him wrestling in 3 matches is criminal negligence of my homoerotic wrestling lust. Honestly, his Undagear 23 match is the only time I think I’ve ever seen Kid Karisma wrestle when I’m seriously considering whether his opponent may be fractionally hotter. When Kid K nearly rips Marco’s undagear apart at the seams in this savage headscissors/atomic wedgie, I fell in deep, deep love with Marco’s absolutely perfect ass. But when Kid K finishes the match by stripping this muscleboy naked, and Marco does what every naked wrestling muscleboy should do in those circumstances (flex for the fans), I would’ve followed Marco for a long, critically acclaimed homoerotic wrestling career. Absent that, at least I can marvel at those luscious cheeks in that gorgeously nasty headscissorsl trunk pull.

2 thoughts on “Trunk Pull Tuesday

  1. I beg to differ on Zach Reno. Have you seen his match vs Tyson Hammer via UCW? Man had a hard on and leaking 5 mins in! Take a look! The last 10 mins will blow your mind if you make it that far.

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