Let’s give them something to see!

Crabcraft commented a few weeks ago that he thinks Jason Aleqsander may be “the new Eli Black.” Fuck, I’ve been unable to get that out of my head, ever since. It says something about the iconic role that Eli built for us, that he’s the point of reference/comparison for a super sexy new rookie. But when it comes to being saddled with buzz to be the heir apparent to Eli Black? Hmmmm.

So, to start with, let me say that I was just a little shocked by how much Jason’s debut match against Seon Cruz rocked me. I mean, I tucked in to Ring Rookies 7, obviously expecting something good. I’d seen Seon before, and his body is just fucking stunning. And I’d seen stills of Jason, and was super excited to see if he’s as sexy in live action as he is in still frame. But “ring rookies” doesn’t exactly scream “top notch wrestling.” But fuck it all, if I didn’t go along for the ride and sucked in the suspense to the very final drop!

Before I directly speak to whether I think Jason is the new Eli Black, I just want to appreciate him on his own terms. Fuck. His. Body! I mean, he’s pretty in his pictures. I’d give him a tongue bath for just standing still. But when the boys are doing a SENSATIONAL alternate take on the traditional pose down, by showing off how acrobatic their lovely, lean bodies can be, Jason suddenly looks up at the ceiling, judging it’s height, and then, standing flat footed in the middle of the ring, does a PERFECT standing back tuck. Have I mentioned before that I was a college cheerleader? Probably not. Anyway, fuck that standing back tuck instantly made me reevaluate my first impressions of young, hot, Jason/George. The back tuck has the same effect on Seon, who suddenly realizes he’s just been completely outclassed as an acrobat. In response, the relative-veteran ring rookie clotheslines Jason, nearly taking that really, really, really pretty head right off his neck.

Seon admires Jason’s smoking hot bod, and both of them get extra credit from me for that fact. “You’ve got an all right body, all give you that,” he acknowledges, choking him a front facelock. “You’ve got some pretty good legs, pretty beefy,” he smirks, as he’s fucking up Jason’s acrobatic left knee and ankle in a nasty leglock. “You’ve got a good body, I think we might as well show it off a bit,” Seon says, bending him backward in a dragon sleeper, and doing just that. Seon cements his role as our champion, though (in addition to the purple nail polish), by locking down on a foldover pin, slapping Jason’s hot ass, and announcing, “Let’s give them something to see!”

The premise for this match is hilariously clever. For the first half of this match (to the minute) Seon, in shiny, purple, butt-hugging long shorts, beats the living SHIT out of Jason/George, who’s wearing shamrock green long shorts. And fuck, Jason suffers swwweetly! Fuck, he gets rocked and rolled, and lovely Jason sells it like a seasoned veteran. Seon gets understandably cocky. He hangs Jason in the corner, battered and sucked dry, and steps back and peels off his trunks, leaving him in green briefs.

“Funny, I heard you like to do some of that stuff,” Jason/George says, suddenly catching a second wind with a sly, knowing smile. “So I came a little prepared, myself,” he announces, stripping out of his green trunks, revealing purple briefs molded to his sensational ass. Fuck. He throws his trunks in Seon’s face, using the distraction to clothesline Seon flat on his back.

Apparently, there’s some seriously magic mojo to the color purple. Now flipping color schemes, Jason/George opens up a can of whoop ass on Seon that’s super, super satisfying! He mounts him in a schoolboy pin and slams his head into the mat over and over. “Are you feeling better in green,” he asks, shoving his crotch in Seon’s face. “Is that color treating you well?” He sucks him up in headscissors and an armbar, threatening to snap that long, lean arm of Seon’s off at the elbow. Battering him in a corner, he suddenly climbs up the ropes and monkey flips Seon flying all the way across the ring (fuck!).

The final three minutes flip back and forth wildly. Seon runs rough shod, victory in his grasp with Jason’s head stuck nice and tight in standing scissors. He hoists him up off his feet, preparing to slam his back to the mat, but acrobatic Jason snaps his sexy-as-fuck legs around Seon’s head, throws his weight to the side, and pulls off a shocking flying headcissors! I mean… fuck! These are fucking rookies?

All right, back to my original question. I’m going to say, no, Jason is NOT the new Eli Black, for a whole host of reasons, but mostly because Jason’s got some sensational charisma and ring presence all his own. Like Eli, Jason’s shown up with some seriously sensational skills and a some mysterious backstory to explain that cocky back tuck. But I don’t think of Eli as an acrobat, really, and I think Jason’s got a story to tell that could play out entirely differently than Eli’s!

3 thoughts on “Let’s give them something to see!

  1. Thank you for the shout-out, seeing this made my night! Now that I’ve seen Jason Aleqsander in a few other matches (he’s now featured on three different underground wrestling sites), I agree, he may not be a direct successor to Eli Black (no one can out Eli the man himself), I’ve come to fully appreciate Jason Aleqsander for his own charm, agile manoeuvres and as you say so eloquently ‘smoking hot bod’. I can’t get enough of him.

    Please watch his match with Jack Dillion on WrestleFrat (filmed by none other than NathanFX (you catch glimpse of him filming in the mirror)). Here, we get a better sense of his wrestling capabilities and his potential in the hands of an experienced brute. I won’t give away too much, please just watch it and let me know what you think!

    1. His latest match on Underground Wrestler with Daddy Texas is quite an interesting one to watch as well, in contrast to his match with Jack Dillon. And his body looking extra smoking hot here.

  2. Nice review. But the gear choice is distracting! Almost took me out of it. The kneepads look too big for Jason, to the point that it looks like he’s playing dress up. Otherwise good match.

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