Round 2

I’m coming up for air just a bit to root around in the fertile soil of my favorite blog haunts. File this under the heading “models in wrestling gear,” because the sign in the background may say boxing, but model Courtney Grant’s gear is all about wrestling.

I’m seeing this via Homotrophy, via photographer Tom Cullis. The narrative appears to be that Courtney has just worked up a sweat competing in an amateur wrestling match. He gives his opponent a long, ferocious look, fueled by the adrenaline still pumping in his veins. He shrugs his shoulders out of his singlet straps and tugs off his headgear. We’re done here.

Now with headgear draped across his shoulder, Courtney tugs his singlet a bit farther down his waist. He’s a handsome hunk, with the gorgeous strong shoulders, broad chest, rippled abs and narrow waist of a veteran athlete. He looks hungry, like the physicality of wrestling does to him what it does to you and me. His gaze is locked like steel on his opponent as he leads him into the locker room.

Sliding the wet singlet down over his hips, Courtney looks over his shoulder. He knows what his opponent is looking at. Unleashing his incredible, round glutes, Courtney stares fixedly at the man with whom he’s shared the unparalleled intimacy of wrestling. It’s not a look of accusation, but more a sober assessment. You going to do anything more than look?

Nearly naked, partially in the shadows, it’s time for round 2.