What Turned Me Gay (not really)

I distinctly remember being on a trip as a pre-teen, browsing magazine covers at the airport while the rest of my family amused themselves elsewhere, when I came across an issue of Muscle & Fitness with Bob Paris on the cover. I think this photo, above, may have been the exact photo I remember. I’d never seen anything more beautiful before in my life. It was before Bob came out, so he was mostly known for being a bodybuilder devoted to the aesthetics of the sport rather than the race for brute size. I guiltily bought muscle mags for several years after that (my pre-porn), and was so inspired to follow his coming out story. I assume it was hell for him, and he seemed to drop out of competitive bodybuilding soon after that. But seeing a world class athlete who was openly gay, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous, did my little gay heart good. Glad to see he’s still telling his story and looking beautiful.

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