Masked Muscle-Gods

Why is it that masks can make a wrestling match that much sexier? On the one hand, there’s less of the athlete to see, and that seems like it would always be a bad thing. Yet masks on hot, hardbody wrestlers kick it up a notch for me. The history of Mexican masked wrestlers suggests that they harken back and somehow access the mystery and power of pre-Christian
heroic gods (which is starting to sound hot). The unmasking of a pro-style wrestler is portrayed as stripping him of his power, laying him out entirely vulnerable (which sounds even hotter!). Masks are frequently worked into a thematic costume, which can be hot or distinctly not hot, depending. This guy could go either way, I think.

But for gay wrestling, or wrestling through the gay eye, I think the mask is more overtly sexualized. The hidden identity of the muscle-god who bares his body and pounds against another man seems to me to touch on the empowered oppressed seeking sexual liberation…. Okay, that may be a stretch, but you cannot tell that Marcus Bagwell wrestling as the Handsome Stranger wasn’t overtly a sexual object, employing his gorgeous body in the ring to dominate his opponent and then stepping outside the ring to be worshipped by fans reaching out to touch his muscles. And returning to that image of the self-empowered oppressed seeking sexual liberation, masks on the internet have become a device for sexual self-expression and body worship. Seemingly ironically, there are plenty of men ready to expose every other inch of their body in classic exhibitionism, behind the cloaked modesty and anonymity of a masked face. This impressively tooled hardbody on xTube hardly needs to be ashamed of his body, but perhaps it is precisely the mask that empowers him to stroke his cock and spank his ass for millions to see (okay, perhaps spanking his ass like that might be shame-appropriate, but I forgive him because of how enthusiastically he spanks his very beautiful monkey!).
I think that BG East has done some nice work with the sexualization of the masked wrestler. The Enforcer beating Brad Rochelle combines the sexy mysteriousness of a masked muscle-stud with the fantastic suffering of an astonishingly flexible jobber (later turned heel). The Enforcer’s return match against an oddly familiar Blueboy seals the deal of linking the mask to sex. Blueboy nearly conquers the clearly dominant Enforcer by applying strategic liplocks and grinding pelvises. But in the end, the dominant wrestler unmasks his prey, bringing us full circle to the frighteningly heroic muscle-god beating the mere mortal into submission and claiming his victorious prize.

My gay wrestling fiction is celebrity-based, so masks have seemed out of keeping with the genre. But as I mull over the masked muscle-wrestler motif, I’m thinking that it could be a very fun storyline to work in masks, unmasking, and the sexual domination of muscled talent in the wrestling ring.

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