Poundable Pecs

Do you ever get fixated on one particular body part? I do, and it varies. These days, I’m entranced by big pecs. Sometimes I’m more obsessed with legs (often, specifically, calves). Sometimes it’s asses. Occasionally it’s packages. But these days, it’s all about the pecs. In my surfing for pecs, I came across a
Sexy Black Dudes blog with some very fine men, many of whom sport fantastic pecs. I’m absolutely mesmerized by this photo (above). My only complaint about the blog is the lack of detail on the models or sources of photos. As for the photos themselves: fantastic.

And speaking of fantastic and entrancing pecs, Mehcad Brooks once again delivered a spellbinding performance on True Blood last night, literally ripping his t-shirt off and getting into some kinky rough stuff (with a woman, but still, in my imagination it’s easy enough to remove her from the scenario and insert me). I’m thinking there may be a strip-wrestling match in my gay wrestling fiction sometime in the near future…
And finally, in this stream-of consciousness posting I conclude by commenting once again on Alexander Skarsgård’s appearance in True Blood last night as well. In his skin tight muscle shirt, he wasn’t showing off his pecs, but his muscled, broad back and shoulders were simply stunning. He is one huge, 6’4″ mass of svenska beauty! He also, finally, shared a scene with Ryan Kwanten’s character (whose most notable feature has to be his ass, though he has a beautiful chest as well), which only fuels my fantasy of a Brooks/Kwanten/Skårsgard ménage à trois. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The casting director of True Blood deserves a raise (and our profound gratitude)!

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