The Substance of Wrestling

Someone who recently signed up to read my gay wrestling fiction commented that, after reading this blog, he thinks that he’s just as much a fan of sweaty, naked men as I am. There was something sort of competitive about the comment, which, frankly, seems entirely in keeping with the spirit of what turns me on. So in honor of those who get an extra thrill from slippery, sweaty muscle-bods, here are a few of my favorite things: sweaty, naked grappling.

Some guys are just gifted in breaking out into sexy, soaking sweat. Sweat becomes a major (hot) feature of Casey Cutler’s mat action against Bud Orton in the BG East classic X-Fights 20. Orton looks like he stepped out of the shower about two minutes into the tussle, causing Casey to comment that he’s just too damn slippery to keep hold of! A breather between falls features mutual toweling off that turns into some sensual displays of muscle and power. Both hardbodies are naked and sliding across each other and the mat before the tale is told. While it falls just shy of full on body worship, I love this match for the humor, the explicit sensuality, and, most of all, the slippery, sweat soaked muscles! But what happened to the Wade Cutler/Doug Warren match from this set (or anything having to do with Doug Warren)!? I’m so glad I got my copy before it was dropped. While not nearly as sweaty, it could never be a bad thing to see Wade Cutler drop his delicious bubble butt across anyone’s face.
I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll likely wax adoringly about it again, but Mitch Colby and Derek DaSilva are both champion sweat-studs. In their recent head-to-head in Crotch Crushers, they’re both soaked within minutes, making a freshly tanned Mitch absolutely glow. While Mitch stays in his trunks (I cry foul!!!), Derek is stripped and hard as a board halfway through the match. While ball torture isn’t really my idea of fun, I confess to being completely awestruck by the sight of a soaking wet Derek pleading for Mitch to pound his balls more as he’s heading to his climax.
I recently re-watched old-school workhorses Rob Cryston and Eduardo in Rip ‘n’ Strip Wrestling for Close-Up Entertainment (found on Can-Am’s site). Like Derek DaSilva, these muscle warriors quickly find their hairy bodies soaked in sweat. Despite some very up close and personal ball licking, Cryston and Eduardo don’t quite convince me that they’re actually enjoying the battle. The lack of chemistry is off-set, though, by Eduardo’s fantastically hairy pecs shimmering with a sheen of sweat.

I’m always on the look out for some genuinely sexy, sweaty action, so let me know if you have some favorites I haven’t mentioned. Sweat brings all the senses into focus in a homoerotic wrestling match, I think. The tactile joy of bodies slipping and sliding… what must be the fantastic musk of man scent… the sound of wet bodies slapping together… the salty taste of the evidence of sincerely hardworking men grinding and pounding. Needless to say, the sight of sweaty, naked bodies on the mats or in the ring is a thing of beauty, if you ask me.

3 thoughts on “The Substance of Wrestling

  1. I am totally on board with sweat as an erotic feature of a wrestling match. for me its not only that the glimmer from sweat enhances a boys muscles but it is a further sell of the action, if your really wrestling you should be sweating. A couple of my favorite sweating men are alexi adamov (sp?) and alan Day from BGEast, favorite match for pure sweat is any Barry Windham match (not only does he sweat profusely, but he occasionally bleeds – an erotic homerum for me) and Kolby Stern vs Scott Commodity from New Pro 16, everytime one of them hit the mat, the ring surface became soaked.As to Doug Warren, story goes that he was a teacher in suburban houston, sugarland ISD i think, when his public school superiors began investigating his side career as a porno actor, not my take, this is how the locals interpreted his appearances on BG Videos, at his request BG removed all of his Doug Warren content from the site. I am almost certain he resigned his teaching position as a result of the controversy. Tuff to say what i would do in a similar situation, but it sounds as though Warren was closted and when confronted with the truth he sort of wimped out.topher

  2. Sweet recommendations, topher! I haven't talked much about Alexi, but he certainly is a fantastically stunning hunk with a knack for quickly being soaked in sweat. His initial match with Brad Rochelle left me breathless!As for Doug Warren, what a horrifying story. I don't know about whether I'd consider being run out of your teaching job as wimping out (not all "resignations" are equal), but I do know that it's well past time for us all to stop being so frightened of bodies. Doug Warren was (I'm sure still is) a body-beautiful, and he could do such fantastic things with his body (as in completely tie in knots and torture cocky opponents)! I hope he moved on to something wonderful, with lots of opportunities to celebrate that great, athletic body of his.

  3. Doug Warren was one of the hottest BGE performers, a shame his ‘career’ with them ended the way it did. Loved his matches with Scott Williams, Wade Cutler, Dick ‘The Prick’ Dawson’, Colin Vaughn, Shane McCall, Sal Bruno, Brandon Aldrich, Kevin Shea and Nic LeTellier, to name several. He could give and take in the wrestling stakes, and then be sexy as heck. Great man.

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