Crowning a New Champion

Ohmygod! I’m completely star struck.
Derek da Silvatweeted” (I hate that word!) about my blog last night. I feel like a teenage girl whose favorite boybander just made momentary eye contact with her from stage. Derek finds my blog entries about him “nice.” Sweet. I’ll be gabbing on and on about this brush with fame for weeks! My friends are going to hate me. Totally worth it.

I don’t know any erotic performers in real life, but I have to guess that Derek is not your typical pornboy. He was enjoying the Joffrey Ballet last night, and he’s reportedly a vegetarian into yoga and post structuralist philosophy. A gorgeous boy into BDSM AND post structuralism!?! Michel Foucault must be smiling down proudly (and with a hard-on).
As regular readers can attest, I had a crush on Derek long before he twitted (I prefer that word) about my blog. The fantastic tats, the prolific sweat, the awesome flexibility, the sublime suffering… Derek was made to order for all my kinks. But now that Derek glanced my way every so briefly, he’s jumped to the head of the line of my pornboy crushes. Mitch, you’re demoted to runner-up. If you don’t like it, you may fight it out in a sequel to Crotch Crushers (please).

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