Another Side of Wrestling

I just stumbled across the
PWP site and had a blast from the past. I used to lap that up. The wrestling is generally weak and the stories pretty unidimensional, but it’s not like they’re selling themselves as Oscar contenders. They’re just a troupe of male “exotic dancers” (not sure what’s so exotic, really) making some extra cash with some nice muscle on muscle action. They don’t try to sell more, so I totally forgive them for weak story lines and 1/2″ deep character arcs. Hell, most of their matches take place on the club floor where these guys dance (sweet Jesus, check out Scott in the dancer portfolios!!!). You can see the stripper pole in the background. This is wrestling as a side dish at its best. It’s not pretending to be a full course meal.

What I always liked about PWP was the story board format of their online store. They tell a story. Frankly, it’s not actually always the story that really happens in the match, but it’s a story with action-stills. The text is concise. Someone suffers and is ultimately humiliated in defeat. Next match.
My favorite PWP dancer-boy was, hands down, Special K. Regular readers could probably have guessed. That absolutely fantastic tummy tat is soooo tasty! It’s not like you need to make that body more attractive. Those massive shoulders and fantastically cut thighs would make this guy shine in the midst of just about any crowd. But the tummy tat makes me weak in the knees.

I think what ultimately made me lose track of PWP were the infrequent updates. They put out few products infrequently, and my postmodern mind just can’t sustain anticipation that long anymore. There are just too many bright and shiny things to distract me from remembering to check PWP once every four months. For what they offer and what they don’t pretend to be, though, they get my total respect.

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