Encouraging Exhibitionists

Online video sharing platforms are such a remarkable evolution in human community. How else would some musclehead get instantly worshipped by thousands of viewers worldwide, with nothing more than a webcam and no shame?

I’m currently infatuated with the handsome boy who goes by SteelMuscleGod. His profile says he’s from Romania, and despite excellent English, he does have a thick accent, so Romania sounds about as believable as anything else. And speaking of thick… holy crap, his latest video spotlighting his legs is incredible. As I’ve mentioned, I’m on a leg kick, and SteelMuscleGod’s legs manage to make my head spin. The soundtrack to this clip alone is cumworthy. The accent totally puts it over the top. He gets bonus adoration points for making sure we get a gander at the muscle calves. Very, very beautiful.
I remember seeing this guy on a cheaper webcam many months ago, dressed in a wrestling singlet and growling about all the dominating torture he would inflict on his opponent. He flexed and twisted, showing off every inch of his upper body. The fact that he kept his glasses on was so charming. I’m bummed that I can’t find that clip any longer. Is it my imagination, or is YouTube getting less user-friendly by the hour?
Anyway, up with exhibitionists! I’m not really interested in paying $40 for a 10 minute private web show (if I made $240 per hour, perhaps I’d be more open to hiring someone for $240 per hour), but if others are ready to shell out that cash, I say more power to SteelMuscleGod. Now, if perhaps SteelMuscleGod and this guy were to trade bodyscissors until one man screamed, that might tempt me to shell out some serious dough (if it lasted long enough… and it got sweaty… and they were seriously into it).

2 thoughts on “Encouraging Exhibitionists

  1. Your postings reside somewhere between Roland Barthes and Erma Bombeck, and I love you for them. And yes, yes, yes, thank God or Santa Claus for electronic social networking that brings exhibitionism into the privacy of our homes. Down with shame, up with long, sweaty, sticky clinches between game muscle boys.

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