He Was a Skater Boy

Surely I’m nothing if not predictable. The cover boy for yesterday’s post was male model Ben Godfre. In that pic, I’m not sure why Ben might be 1) in the rain in his underwear and 2) still soaking wet despite holding an umbrella. But ours is not to wonder why…

Ben has become a recurring character in my gay wrestling fiction, sometimes as just a background character, but more recently showing up “in the ring.” I’m intrigued that Ben’s YouTube channel is usernamed btwrestle05, and I’m running with the wrestling reference. In my imagination, so far Ben has beat the living shit out of Hunter Parrish and tenaciously stuck out a brutal battle with Christopher Meloni, ultimately using that beautiful body of his to dominate, humiliate, and tame some of the Producer’s Ring’s most unruly talents.
I can’t find a bad pic of Ben, which is probably testimony to both the careful image-management of “his people,” but also, I have to believe, evidence that he is simply stunning from every angle. He oozes sex, and while “oozing” isn’t at all necessarily sexy, Ben can ooze all over me anytime. Side by side with other gorgeous men, my eyes are riveted on him. In a modelboy world of narrow waists, big pecs and smoldering eyes, Ben can hold his own next to anyone.
Despite not being able to find a bad pic of him, I do take issue with the glaringly obvious work some of his shoots have done to cover up one of Ben’s sexiest features: his ink. Some shots have him twisted and strategically covered so as to leave no tat visible on a body with ink all over the place. What the hell? It would be like a beefcake shoot of Trevor Adams in a moo-moo. Don’t let them make you hide it under a bushel, Ben!
On the other hand, some photographers are seeing exactly what I’m seeing. Ben’s calf tat is sexy, sexy, sexy (when they aren’t making him wear knee high athletic socks to cover it up). In just a couple shots, I’m glimpsing some ink across the arch of his left foot (fantastic!). And the gorgeous ink on the back of his right arm is breathtaking (then again there are multiple points in this shot that are taking my breath).
But the inside bicep tat makes me need to wipe the drool from my chin every time I see it. The multiple shots of Ben with his right arm over his head, with that incredible ink side-by-side with those almost transparent brown eyes is simply art on art on art.
I’m predictable, I know. It’s not like you’d expect anything else from me. The gorgeous boy with the bold, unique ink, wearing next to nothing: it’s no wonder he’s a rising star in my wrestling fiction. Hopefully we’ll continue to see much more of skaterboy Ben in this world and in my imagination.

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