Promises, Promises

So I’m still waiting in anxious anticipation of the purported launch of a new wrestling co. by the name of Rock Hard Wrestling. The name is promising. RHW’s MySpace page presents a stable of 6 wrestlers who, indeed, sport hard muscles, so I’m willing to believe in truth in advertising in this case. Again: promising. The one video evidence of an actual product from RHW, a quick clip of Brody Hancock squeezing a tap-out from Zack Vazquez, shows these two stunners looking in top shape. Once again: very promising.

But the MySpace announcement of an impending launch of RHW remains only that: a promise. The page was promoting an August launch last summer, but that promise was broken. And here we are over halfway through November, and I’m worrying that once again, my hopes will have been raised only to be dashed. The RHW “website,” is just a placeholder that’s been telling us that service would be up and running in “several days” for several months now. I’m starting to feel bitter.
Fortunately, we can appreciate the work of some of the talent from other sources. For fans of the babyface, Brock Hancock has wrestled as Reese Wells in BG East’s Ball Bash 2. The little studpuppy takes a serious beating, including admirable, cringeworthy ball abuse at the hands (mostly boots) of Johnny Firestorm. In the RHW clip, it’s quite a tasty treat seeing little Reese/Brody sneer at Zack Vazquez after forcing the muscleboy to tap.
For his part, Zack is the workhorse of Thunder’s Arena. As in Thunder’s Arena, Zack’s suffering looks like smiling in the RHW clip, which can be distracting. Still, he always seems game for camp in Thunder’s Arena, and in the RHW clip it looks like he’s trying to play it straight.
The fan groups seem to be lighting up with appreciation of RHW’s Ray Martinez who’s wrestled as Rio Garza a couple times recently for BG East. Imagining the gorgeousness of Zack and Rio in the same ring is quite a nice picture. Perhaps Rio can give Zack some salesmanship lessons. Both of these boys suffering at the hands of some of the other talents in the RHW stable is, once again, a promising premise.
I don’t recognize Tommy Clark, but I’d like to see much much more of him. I have my heart set on seeing him dishing out the punishment on the body beautifuls like Zack and Rio. But as long as RHW remains offline “for maintenance,” I’ll have to enjoy what I can of the boys of RHW elsewhere.

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