What Turned Me Gay (again, not really)

Melrose Place hottie, Grant Show, turned me gay. In order to explain this fully, I have to share an embarrassing confession. I know, I know. You’re thinking, after all that I’ve shared, I’m only now getting to something that embarrasses me?! Well, it’s true. I don’t embarrass easily.

But admitting that I have been an avid soap opera fan on and off since my early adolescence makes me blush. So in the mid-80’s, I would tape some of my favorite soap operas (i.e., those soap operas with the most handsome hunks most likely to appear shirtless). I was a fierce fanatic for Ryan’s Hope, primarily to follow the shenanigans of handsome hunk, Grant Show. In keeping with the objectification of the hot, male body that was evolving throughout the 80’s, Grant was frequently shirtless. His storyline was always about who was angling to get their hands down his pants. And from the first moment I saw his lightly hairy pecs, I was gay.
When Grant showed up in the evening soap opera known as Melrose Place, I was glued to the tube. Melrose Place had a bevy of pretty boys, but I only had eyes for ridiculously good-looking Grant.
He’s still working, and he’s still gorgeous. Superherofan has some nice caps of Grant from Swingtown. He can still turn my crank, 70’s stash and all. I suspect I’ll always have a soft/hard spot for Grant, since every time I see him, I have this intuitive flashback to seeing him strip out of his shirt on Ryan’s Hope, turning me gay.

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