True Calling

Clearly, I’m predictable. It doesn’t take an extensive literature review of my posts to detect the themes that capture my imagination and spark my erotic obsessions. StayPuft generously sent me some pictures of MMA boy
Phil Baroni, and explained to me why Phil is the sort of musclegod that I’m into.

Yes, yes indeed. The transformation of Phil from pretty muscle adonis to kick-in-the-face bad-ass wanna be is a beautiful sight to behold. This is a prime example of the wonders that some body-to-body banging and suffering can accomplish with someone a little too beautiful.
StayPuft really, really knows me well. In his email to me, he points out that Phil doesn’t win all the time, and that, coupled with a fierce, cocky never-say-die attitude casts Phil as a classic muscleboy jobber. Slap some body hair and a liberal layer of sweat on those muscles and this is the man of my dreams.
Any musclegod with that body and who has the attitude that tells him to wear his shades to weigh in must be punished mightily. Some of his interviews suggest that he’s got swagger/dickishness that just begs for seeing his ridiculously gorgeous body tortured and humiliated.
The tats, the swagger, the firm flag planted on the frontier of jobberland all work for me on so many levels. Phil may think that his destiny is to slap down his cock to measure up in the MMA world, but he’s missing his true calling. This is a man made for a pro story line that MMA just can’t write for him. His full potential to entertain and own a market will only be realized on the pro-stage. This is a man of fantasy. StayPuft, I feel so close to you!

4 thoughts on “True Calling

  1. Bard, you have an eloquence I could never aspire to. I'm only happy to have played a small part in getting Phil Baroni immortalized in one of your blogs! 🙂

  2. Psht…. I don't believe you for a moment, StayPuft. But you're very welcome to play the role of the muse anytime that you'd like.

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