More Jokes and Jocks

I still love the combination of class clown and hot hunk. There’s just something that much sexier about a handsome, hardbodied hottie with a quick wit and a sharp sense of humor.
Superherofan, God bless him, capped some nice pics of funny man Joel McHale from NBC’s Community, in a strip pool game. Joel is always a ham, which is somewhat disarming and leaves you unprepared to be so astounded by that rockin’ body when he’s left standing in his briefs (then implied full-on).

Like other funny man hardbodies, Joel earns respect with his humor, which is the surest sign of an impressive intellect (which ups one’s hotness exponentially, in my book). Joel is pretty self-deprecating at times, not appearing to take himself too seriously (at least that’s the schtick… he may be a complete narcissist in real life). So seeing him ham it up as he strips down to reveal some thick, clawable pecs and a tight, tasty body is a delightfully jaw dropping.
And this is, indeed, the only appropriate response to a shiny, happy hardbody on public display. Public nudity and body worship of a class clown stripped to his stunningly hard nakedness… this is seriously hot stuff.

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