That Air of Invincibility

But how does YouTube know what to recommend? Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but when YouTube tells me that I should check out this young hot thing bare-assed, flexing, and in undisguised love with his own body, I have to wonder: Is YouTube God? Does YouTube know the secret longings of my heart?

It’s really All American Guys that get the credit for this bit of fluff. This cocky bit of invicibility brags that his biceps are about 17″ thick right now, “but around 5 months ago they were probably sitting at around 18, 18 and a half.”
He tell us he’s planning on putting a couple more inches back on the biceps, filling them out and making the peaks pop out even more. That’s what he’s planning to do, he tells us. Then he corrects himself: “That’s what I WILL do.” I get the impression that this blond adonis with big white teeth is used to getting what he wants. Perhaps, more precisely, he’s used to taking what he wants.
What a priceless moment in time is captured here. That moment when the cocky muscle stud is in awe of his own physique. That moment when a little time in the gym makes his testosterone-soaked muscles balloon up in an instant. That moment when he looks at himself and his eyebrows arch, as if thinking to himself, “Hell, I am fucking amazing!”
Right at that moment is when he needs to step up and into a ring, convinced of his own immortality and invincibility, in awe of himself, stunned by his rocking body and unwaveringly certain that everyone who lays eyes on him will be slack-jawed in adoring awe. That’s the juiciest moment in time for a young cock to strut into the ring and come face to face with the mature, patient, battle-built body of a master who’s broken more than his fair share of stallions.
Sure, kid. Go rest up after getting tired and sweaty from your photo shoot. Sure, kid. Shower off and relax naked in the dressing room for a while. When you’re ready for the big show, step on out, climb on up, and take your shot at destiny.

2 thoughts on “That Air of Invincibility

  1. YouTube loves you more than it does me, because I had to wait to hear about this crew-cut, honey-colored child from you. Whoever he is, I want him–or one just like him–for a pet! I promise to take good care of him too.

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