Playing with Fire

The final season of
the Tudors is finally running. Katherine Howard is burning bright and sprinting swiftly toward headlessness. Henry is finally looking a little less like an Abercrombie and Fitch model. JRM looks like he put on a little (just a little) weight. They’ve filled out his face with more facial hair. And they’re showing close-ups of his horrifically oozing leg wound (nice FX, boys!) that probably made him the bitter, fevered, stinky, foul creature he became as his megalomania consumed him.

Enter hot young thing to play the part of Thomas Culpepper. Torrance Coombs’ eyes are astonishing. It’s hard to look away whenever he’s on screen. This smoldering young hottie is going places, undoubtedly.
I can find no one capping The Tudors, so I can’t find any of the shirtless shots of Torrance from episode 1. So let me paint the picture for you: pale skinny white boy. What, you say? That doesn’t turn you on? Excellent. More lovin’ for me, then.
Not all pale skinny white boys do it for me, but a healthy subset of them light a fire in my crotch. Torrance is most definitely a case in point. The nerd, the geek, the underestimated vicious heel… there are a lot of roles for a skinny white boy that I find plenty erotic. When they have absolutely riveting faces like young Torrance, he gets a pass to the front of the line in my affections. I don’t think it’s just me, though. Thomas Culpepper doesn’t have long to live (unless they once again seriously screw with history), but Torrance is one skinny white boy heading somewhere.

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