Golden Boy

I’m not sure how this could have happened. How could I blog for nearly a year on all things homoerotic and wrestling, and not have mentioned
Steve Shannon?

It was obsessing about asses that made me think of Steve. He’s a blond muscleboy with a devastating musclebutt that was always surefire entertainment for me.
Can-Am worked him into a few productions around 2002 and 2005, including the fantastic line-up of Czech Tag Team 2. Jarda Kolar’s hand planted on Steve’s oiled, naked ass is a cherished image burned into my favorite stills of all time.
Steve’s work with On Top Productions was more satisfying wrestling, though. I think On Top was a little ahead of their time. Their format was more than a little like what Naked Kombat has turned into a profitable franchise more recently, with less reliance on a script and more genuinely hard working bodies slamming and tossing one another around. Where Naked Kombat’s pre-fight interviews are always snarling and contemptuous, On Top’s pre-fight confessionals were usually more gentlemanly. It had more of a feel of an amateur wrestler coming out of the locker room on his way to the mats, than that of an over the top pro ticking off his polished banter.
I’m sticking to my commitment to not overthink posts for the next couple of days, so you’ll forgive me if I don’t have a citation when I say that Steve’s non-wrestling porn has earned more than a little of my cash as well. I cannot stay enthused when a naked woman enters the shot, so I never sampled his bisexual-themed porn. Personally, I think it’s a crying shame that studly Steve wasn’t more prolific in the industry. I’d pay money to see him make a comeback on the mats or in the ring (if he’s still around). As long as he still works up a sweat and he’s in shape enough to go the distance, he’d still be pure gold.

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