To Worship or Not to Worship?

I’m coming up for air after a whirlwind weekend. It was good and exhausting. Of course, now the work week begins. So I have the stamina only for a brief posting to ponder.

Truitt Fields. What’s his story? I know that there are readers that can and hopefully will tell me. I get a conservative Christian hit off off him that makes me wary. In which case, I’m not always clear what’s the ethical thing to do. Do you worship a worship-worthy musclegod if he’s a hater?
Not that I know that Truitt is. Of course, in my imagination he’s at the very least bi-curious with a kink for getting covered in honey and having me lick it off every inch of his stunning body. So perhaps I don’t want to know what and who he is in real life. It’ll never measure up to the pleasures I can imagine for him.

3 thoughts on “To Worship or Not to Worship?

  1. I am a fellow Truitt worshipper. 4 comments:1. He's recently eliminated his MySpace page.2. He's now a heel, with long hair (at least by his previous standards) and a vicious turn on his former buddy and tag team partner Ace Rockwell.3. He's not working out like he used to, still damn hot, in my opinion, but not in bodybuilding-contending shape like he was a couple of years ago.4. Former marine, married, definitely religiously and politically conservative, and yet, of all the things to have tattoed on his left pec, "Place at the Table," which was/is a phrase used by social justice liberals for efforts to alleviate hunger, specifically, and for greater cultural inclusivity, in general. My theory is that he was drunk, had an evening of fun with some other hot stud who was of a more progressive persuasion, and who looked down on the passed-out musclegod and thought, "Hmm, it's either gonna be 'Obama in 2008' across that beautiful sweaty chest, or maybe I'll be more merciful and get something discreet inked across him."Brad, Minneapolis

  2. If you KNOW a guy's a hater, it's hard to have the same warm feelings for him in your fantasies. It's odd, though, isn't it? After all, we don't personally know these men–they're just "bodies" and "faces" in pictures, and we pretty much fill in their personalities and souls for them as we set up whatever elaborate and far-fetched scenario we make up. Still, all it takes is some information about the guy's actual politics, world view, and opinions to poison the well. I guess beauty is skin deep, wonderful for what it's worth, but attitude and character are, in the end, what determines a man's true sexiness.

  3. I say, worship. I mean, from those pictures alone. Besides, I'm pretty sure Matt Striker is a Republican, but that doesn't change any of his in-ring work or his sense of humor. Plus, he answered my fan e-mail.But who am I to judge. Ke$ha just came across sounding like an ignorant, spoiled brat in Rolling Stone and I feel like that ruined her for me (anyway, "Take It Off" was her only song I liked). I never like to find out TOO much about people. In fact, I think of them as "character models" and in the stories in my fantasy world, they usually get their names changed.

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