A Real Gem

Astute readers (or even not-so-astute) will have
picked up on the fact that I’ve developed somewhat of a crush on BG East battler,
Denny Cartier. I have a fondness for 5’5″, 155 pound grapplers with smooth moves, dimpled chins, and tats (indeed, he’s not the first).

He has seriously filled out since his debut with BGE against Jonny Firestorm. But even in that debut, a little smaller, less defined and less meticulously groomed, Denny caught my eye. There’s something “real” about his appearance and presentation that makes me imagine that I could run into him at the grocery store someday.
On that note, I swear (swear, swear, swear) I sat across from Denny’s little brother on the bus today. I have no idea if Denny has a little brother, much less if he lives in this part of the world and rides public transportation. But this dramatically dimple-chinned, curly dark-haired, irrepressible 5-o’clock shadow at 8 in the morning, early 20’s-something kid was absolutely dipped out of the same gene pool as the lovely gem, Denny.
Back to my imagining of the “real men of BGE” (there’s a product in there somewhere, and when they produce it, I should absolutely get a mention in the credits… and a free copy). Denny has a realness about him that makes him fundamentally believable and that much sexier for it. Not that I think he’s always selling at 100% (though I do think he’s a superb salesman). But I can’t help but believe that he’s a real joe with some wrestling legits who’s making some supplemental income (not to mention fans) by learning the ropes in the world of homoerotic pro of various genres. I could totally see myself running into him in the produce section of the grocery store, buying a head of lettuce right next to me dressed in sweats and trainers. Of course, in my mind’s eye, Denny gives me an appraising nod, checking me out. He strikes up an innocent, yet all the more flirtatious for its innocence, conversation. We end up at his place, furniture cleared to the walls, and he ties me up in knots… repeatedly, because regardless of his less than stellar record in BGE, on his turf in the real world, he’s a savvy, lightning fast bundle of dominating muscle. Finally we’re exhausted, entirely aroused, and 100% in sync.

Oh, and he cooks me dinner afterward.

3 thoughts on “A Real Gem

  1. I really like that you have incorporated the related content leads that are posted at the end of each entry. Sort of like following a trail in which one hot subject begets another hot subject.That’s what led me to Denny months after you had made the post. Somehow I have missed Denny and had not previously identified him at BGEast, but your comment that Denny has a realness about him that makes him fundamentally believable and is that much sexier for it resonates with me. Of late I have occupied my masturbatory interest not with wrestlers but with the models of Corbin Fisher. They do not appear to be typical porno types, but rather real, though often really attractive, young men. This element of realness helps in the sell that they are straight men willing to explore their curiosity with the same sex. Much money must be transferred, cause these boys go full on gay, and I’m talking in the same sense that Robert Downey derides Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder that his portrayal of a retarded character was not believable cause he went “full on retarded” and you never go “full on retard”. Subtly be damned and maybe Downey had it wrong, sometimes the conveyance of an intrinsic belief requires that you have to go “full on” cause the Corbin Fisher boys hold nothing back and are all about kissing, ass baths with the tongue and other acts that even I am not always comfortable performing.It would appear that as with wrestling, the more convincing the performance the hotter the experience for the viewer.topher

  2. Great to hear from you again, topher! I like the linkwithin gadget, too. It's a little creepy that the gadget knows more about all the details of my blog than I do, but still, I like it.I also agree with your assessment of "realness" and the sell. I think sometimes it's a quality I can't even put my finger on, but Denny's got it for me.

  3. I too "missed" Danny, but was entranced by him in Catchweight-3 against Joe Robbins. I promptly bought the disc–and have watched that match more times than I want to admit. So it was a thrill to stumble upon this blog entry (I'm new to neverland.)I think topher's comment above–that Denny is very real–is true and part of my attraction. The thought that I could bump into him as a "guy next door" and have the pleasure of being his toy as he demonstrates what he went through against Joe Robbins so I would properly appreciate it practically derailed me until I could transform the experience into hands-on fulfillment.

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