More Jokes and Jocks

Tell me this isn’t the look of a hot hunk itching to kick someone’s ass. Okay, this is actually the look of a hot hunk comedian walking still farther down the path toward being a muscle adonis icon.

Joel McHale continues to light up the blogosphere with still another scantily clad appearance in the television show Community. Whoever is producing this show understands how things work. When you’ve got a rising star with a freshly toned muscle body, you flaunt him. Sex sells.

I have a well-documented thing for funny men with hard bodies. The juxtaposition of clownishness and raw muscled sensuality is like catnip: irresistible to the right species (me). A quick wit and a cutting, snide sense of humor overlaying massive, furry pecs and a six pack is golden.
Joel’s time in the gym recently firmly plants him in the constellation of hardbody funny men that make me drift into fantasies of muscle pounding competition. Like my fantasy match up of Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds, I can’t help but fixate on Joel’s broad pecs and sculpted shoulders and be instantly aroused at the thought of that body getting clawed, twisted and squeezed in the absolutely essential arena of muscled bodies testing one another for domination. I think smart ass clown Joel would be underestimated in the ring, with opponents intent on abusing that button nose and wiping the smirk off his face. I love the story of the underdog who shocks his opponent, taking ownership and laying a deadly serious dose of humiliating domination down. Looking forward to seeing much more of Joel.

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