Earning a Shot, continued

The battle of the internet muscle gods is firing up again. A couple days ago, SteelMuscleGod posted a new clip, showing us that he’s continued to build his beautiful muscles while he’s been absent from posting recently.

Of course, Adam400m, even on vacation in Cyprus, can’t let SMG have the last word, so he posted an update of his gorgeous, Mediterranean tanned, sun bleach blond muscle body today. Adam’s growing into his role as worship-worthy. Check out his gloating smile and nod of self-congratulation as he admires his own muscles at 0:24 and 0:34. Sizzling…
Which reminds me that we last left the Battle of the Gods some time ago, with French stallion Yann making Adam weep and beg in a figure-4 leg lock.
While torturing Adam’s tree-trunk legs, Yann lifts his arms and flexes his massive biceps, his torso turned to face his true target, SteelMuscleGod. Adam screams in primal anguish as his back arches and his torso flexes futilely. “This is nothing,” Yann snarls, his upper lip curled in disgust as his eyes remain riveted on SMG who remains leaning against a wall watching the action. “If this is your best competition, your days as a god are numbered!” SMG purses his lips and flexes his thick pecs intimidatingly, ominously silent.
With Yann’s attentions on his next bout, he fails to notice Adam twisting his shoulders, slowly rolling toward his right side. Too late, Yann’s eyes snap back to see Adam capitalize on his size advantage, rolling both men over to their stomaches. The switch in positions leaves Adam free to bend his captured knee, and quickly Adam presses himself off the mat. Disentangling their legs, grabs the Frenchman’s ankles and slowly lowers his muscled ass down across the small of Yann’s back, immobilizing Yann’s legs.
Yann grunts in pain, pounding his fist on the floor in frustration. Adam’s mouth hangs open, his tongue out slightly in concentration as he laces Yann’s ankles together and then pulls hard on the Frenchman’s left foot, stretching the tendons in his ankle and knee dangerously. Yann cries out in panic.
“For that sucker kick, I’m going to snap these little pencils that you call legs in half, you piece of shit!” Adam barks down. He twists harder, feeling the tension approaching the breaking point in his opponent’s knee. Adam chuckles, his eyes closing in reverie. Silently smiling at his own domination of his opponent, he whispers, “This is going to hurt a lot, my mortal friend.”

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