What Turned Me Gay (again, not really)

So this could count for any number of regular themed posts on this blog. Bodies over time. Hunks I want to pec claw until they scream. But most genuinely, it has to be said, Steve Guttenberg turned me gay.
Steve’s gorgeous, hairy pecs appeared throughout the late eighties and early nineties in movie after movie. It was seeing him shirtless and wet in Cocoon that turned a certain impressionable adolescent into a hunk-lusting lover of men.
Like so many of my favorite fantasy men, Steve is sexier by a multiple of 20.5 (precisely) as a result of being both a hot, hardbodied hunk and a smart ass class clown. There’s something disarming about a comedian-by-day that leaves me helpless to do anything other than worship him when he’s a pec-tacular body-beautiful by night.

Squarehippies is reposting some pics from Dreamcaps of Steve still working those muscled, hairy pecs even today. This is a body that has held up extremely well over time, and in fact I think Steve at 52 offers some fantasy delights that Steve at 27 didn’t even bring to the table. Now… then… anytime in-between – those fantastic, broad, defined furry pecs are screaming out for some serious punishment-turned-pleasure.

So perhaps Steve Guttenberg didn’t exactly turn me gay. But my moments of pec-fetish even today have got to be traced to the beauty of his recurring bare torso during my adolescence.

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