What’s Mine is Mine

I’m a glutton for punishment (like you didn’t know that). So despite feeling consistently disappointed (in decreasing amounts, though), I went to the well again with
Rock Hard Wrestling. It was an impulse buy. Others who produce wrestling for you and me should take note. Instant downloads will totally score with people with poor impulse control. And there are plenty of us with poor impulse control and a credit card.

RHW’s most recent match stars Brody Hancock (aka Reese Wells in BGE world). Brody is the class in this operation. He has the moves and the salesmanship to tell a story, where many of the RHW boys have fallen a little flat. Brody faces off in this latest match with “teen bodybuilder” Troy Nelson.
They did not grow teenagers like this when I was a teenager. Sweet mother of God, Troy’s legs are awesome! I mean, literally, I’m awed! Massive quads, powerful calves, a muscle ass for days… this was simply not in the distribution of teenage bodies when I was too young to drink legally.
Troy is touted as the little brother of Cody, who appeared in the last release from RHW. I gave Cody and his opponent a pretty rough time of things when it comes to polish. With Brody in the ring, though, that is not a problem. Troy isn’t nearly as smooth and coordinated as Brody, but Brody makes this match work, regardless. That said, Troy does have some good timing. His repeated corner work on Brody is actually quite nice. Troy’s leg scissors on the skinny veteran are the appropriate climax of Troy’s offensive throughout. Watching Brody squirm, grunt, and thrash, captured between those tree trunks is seriously, seriously pleasing. Troy also entirely sells me at around 13:15 when he swoops in to position himself for a camel clutch. I swear I think he’s just fucking the whole sweet moment up like a dumb rookie, when out of the blue, he skillfully transitions to a rather wicked looking full nelson, prying Brody’s torso backward savagely. Also to his credit, when Troy is dropped for the second time (hell yes!) in an over-the-knee backbreaker across Brody’s thigh, either Troy seriously tapped into a new depth of salesmanship, or those gasps were some legitimate pain he was suffering (either way, kudos, rookie!).
The story line is sweet. Troy has apparently “borrowed” one of Brody’s singlets for the match, and Brody is therefore intent on punishing the thief and retrieving his belongings (for my version of this story line, you might try my Brad Rochelle v Tyrell Tomsen fictional short story in Sidelineland). Troy owns his role as the ring rookie nicely. He doesn’t pretend to be packing anything more than he’s got, and he works well with Brody who keeps the pace for both of them skillfully. I think Brody could use a wardrobe consultant. The redundant trunks puffing out underneath his skin tight blue trunks just look odd. The editing of this match is a little less crystal perfect than most of what I’ve consumed from RHW, but that’s shades of gray when you consider their production quality is way over the top in comparison to most. And, as always (and as advertised), the shot of Brody’s victory double bicep makes my eyes pop just a little. Where the hell does he hide those massive guns when he’s not posing in victory!? At just around 17 mintues of action, this match is one I’m happy to own (instantly).

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