With a Friend to Call My Own

Towleroad has turned me on to a tweet-flirt that makes my mind spin. Aussie rugby boy of my dreams, the tattooed muscle god who graces the pages of gay rags often, Nick Youngquest has been tweeting back and forth with recently out Brit rugby boy beast, Gareth “Alfie” Thomas. Gareth proposed a naked Twister competition between the two of them (at which point my heart skips a beat). Nick has replied with this ADORABLE photo of the two of them shirtless and chumming in the locker room.

There’s just so much right here. Two gorgeous muscle gods clearly enjoying each other behind the scenes… muscle-on-muscle, tat-on-tat embracing… both boys with their hands at their crotches… and the sweet, unselfconscious ribbing of a seriously sexually secure straight man (Nick) hamming around with an openly gay friend.
Frequent collaborator Swito first pointed me in Nick’s direction. Swito also helped me work up one of my favorite homoerotic wrestling fiction storylines including Nick laying some massive, humiliating destruction on Canadian male model, Andrew Stetson.
Nick stars in many of my personal fantasies, and I get the impression that in real life, he wouldn’t mind. That’s a straight man worth knowing. The fact that he’s an incredibly carved, stunningly handsome, athletic bodybeautiful of iconic proportions is just icing.
Gareth is a fantastic muscle beast worthy of worship as well. He’s the sort of fierce, muscled force of nature that I always think is wasted on heterosexuality. And then, low and behold, Gareth comes out!
I’m not a misogynist, at least not self-consciously so. It’s just that I have to imagine such an incredible body like Gareth’s simply can’t be fully appreciated by a woman. My gut tells me that it takes a man to entirely satisfy and be satisfied by the incredible form of a snarling beast of a rugby player like this. The fact that Gareth has a straight muscle buddy to joke around with (and hang out shirtless with in the locker room) just makes me all kinds of happy!

2 thoughts on “With a Friend to Call My Own

  1. Can't put my finger on it, but your exposition on Gareth and these photos, is touching and sweet, only partly attributable to the bittersweetness of your title's allusion to the theme song to "Ben."

  2. Nice pick up to the Ben allusion! I figured that one was way too subtle. I should've known it would be you that would pick that out, Joe.I do think Gareth's story is a little bittersweet… I'm not surprised that sneaks through in my telling. He's given up a lot of security to come out and write a new story for himself. I respect that, and I identify.

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