Earning a Shot, continued

Adam400m is up again with a new post featuring his behemoth legs. To whomever made that request of him, thank you! Next, can you request to see the same angles in a speedo… then a thong… then a jock strap?
That muscle butt of his is truly incredible, even when viewed only through the contours of his workout shorts. This makes for two video clips from Adam that have uncharacteristically gone unanswered by SteelMuscleGod. Adam is tanned, toned and more massive than ever. I hope that SMG isn’t starting to feel intimidated by the competition. When last we left Adam in the machinations of my imagination, he had ripped poor Yann’s knee and was proceeding to smother the Frenchman in the deep crevice between his rock hard, mountainous pecs.
Yann tries desperately to pry his face away from Adam’s crushing chest. He beats his fists at the Englishman’s massive shoulders, but Adam just smiles, unfazed. Yann begins to sag in Adam’s grasp, but he suddenly rallies, pulling his weight back onto his one good leg and clawing frantically at Adam’s bulging arms. The rally is shortlived, though. Slowly, Yann sags again in Adam’s grasp, until finally he’s hanging limply, arms at his sides, his face smashed against Adam’s chest by the Englishman’s arms wrapped around his head.
With a broad smile still on his face, Adam looks over to SteelMuscleGod, leaning against the wall. Adam’s eyebrows raise, questioningly but silent. SMG purses his lips in thought for a few seconds, the nods at Adam, saying simply, “Make him beg.”

Suddenly, Adam releases his hold on Yann’s head, causing the Frenchman to drop to his knees in a semi-conscious stupor. Adam grabs the back of Yann’s head in both his hands and shoves the Frenchman’s face into Adam’s speedo-clad crotch. He grinds Yann’s face into his package in slow circles for several seconds, until Yann sl0wly comes to his senses with Adam’s balls pressed against his lips. With a panicked start, Yann pulls his head away, only to find Adam powerfully shoving it downward again. Lifting his massive right leg to the side, Adam shoves Yann’s head between his thighs. The Frenchman’s entire head disappears between the girth of the Englishman’s monstrous quads.
Slowly and deliberately, Adam flexes his stunning legs, each muscle group hardening and separating in beautiful detail. Yann’s muffled cries come from deep between his opponent’s legs. Raising his hands to the back of his head, Adam flexes his core muscles and slowly gyrates his hips, applying excruciating pressure to every angle of Yann’s captured head and neck. Yann’s cries rise an octave as fear mixes with pain. Desperately Yann taps submissively at Adam’s rock hard thighs. A broad smile opens up across Adam’s face as he demands, “Beg for it!” Yann continues tapping frantically as sobs make his body quiver. Finally, Yann’s muffled voice comes from between Adam’s legs, pleading. “I beg you, please, please, please….” Adam’s smile turns into a sneer of contempt. He chuckles as he spreads his legs, watching Yann collapse at his feet, cradling his head in his hands.

Yann remains in a fetal position on the floor, cradling his throbbing head in his hands for several minutes. He pointedly keeps his eyes shut, praying for no further humiliation at the hands of his opponent. When he suddenly feels a hand grab a hold of the hair on top of his head, Yann gasps, startled. “Please…” he murmurs.

Opening his eyes, Yann looks up into the face of SteelMuscleGod hovering overhead, twisting Yann’s face toward him by his handful of hair. “Looks like you choked on your hors d’oeuvre,” SteelMuscleGod chuckled. “Now, I think I’ll have you for dessert.”

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