J-8… Miss!

I’m highly skeptical. I played Battleship as a kid. A lot. I had to beg my family members to indulge me over and over. And then one day it occurred to me: this game is seriously boring. So when I hear that there’s a movie in the making based on the Hasbro game, Battleship, I’m highly skeptical.

Enter Alexander Skarsgård as a naval officer idolized by his younger brother played by Taylor Kitsch, who I know only as Gambit though I realize he’s made Cosmo girls swoon in many more places than that.
Whatever. Bring the brother on brother forbidden fantasy that we all share (don’t try to deny it), or go home with this one. There’s going to have to be major skin to make me buy a movie ticket to a game based on such riveting dialogue as “E-4…. miss…….. J-8…… miss…..”
Even for my favorite fanged 6’4″ Swedish adonis, I’m highly skeptical.

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