BG East has viciously exploited my well-known weakness. Having no impulse control whatsoever, I was sucked in to both order the new release
Demolition 14 AND buy a 24 hour rental of Mr. Joshua’s match against Austin Raines. The deliciously detailed description of the match on their website leaves me helpless to restrain myself. I’m paying twice for the same match. Those evil, evil marketing geniuses.

Run, do not walk, to order this product. This is firing on all cylinders. Austin Raines takes a fantastic quantity of punishment and humiliation, with Mr. Joshua teaching him the 5 rules of wrestling demolition. Personally, I think Mr. Joshua skimped on rule #5. Sure, as he says, his 18 inch arms, 32 and a half inch waist, and 46 inch chest are entirely deserving of adoration. But it’s those 8 unspecified inches that he mentions and the bowling balls beneath them that are surely Mr. Joshua’s best assets.
So while continuing to mercilessly tease us with a story line centered on Mr. Joshua’s crotch, this definitely takes things much farther along in my personal fantasies of what I’m dying to see out of a Mr. Joshua match. Sitting on Austin’s face and plopping his package down across Austin’s mouth, Mr. Joshua asks rhetorically if the rookie is familiar with teabagging.
Those teabags could steep several gallons of sun tea, Mr. Joshua. Despite kicking myself for being so easily manipulated into my double purchase, I defiantly say that it was worth it. I am seriously happy with what I’ve seen. Once I get a gander at Lon Dumont decimating a baby face, I’m confident this DVD will be at the front of my cue for a long time to come.

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