And Another One Gone

I just uploaded the final match in the Secretarial Pool auditions, pitting models Kerry Degman and Ellis McCreadie against one another. At first glance, these two are well-matched. Both are just about 6′ tall. Both are fit, nicely muscled but not massive. Kerry has a known history as an accomplished high school wrestler, which might tip the scales, but face-to-face the two seem closely paired.

The fun for me, of course, is the story itself. It’s not just about who would win when pitting two celebrities against one another in an NHB match-up. It’s the delightful journey along the way that tweaks my kink for homoerotic wrestling. The story that has emerged from my imagination is that Ellis is a dark horse in the competition, seeming clearly outclassed, under-confident, and hiding something that the rest of the applicants are fiercely determined to uncover. Kerry has had his sights set on beating that secret out of Ellis from the first moment that they met, and he’s ready to illustrate his abundant skills in breaking down recalcitrant talent by humiliating Ellis in every way he can. Once again the executive assistants on the hiring committee have their role to play in the unfolding drama, which leaves one man destroyed and the other significantly dehydrated. Hopefully the semi-final round will begin to be posted soon, now that four of the initial hopefuls have been shoveled into the trash heap.

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