And Then There Were Three

Making progress on my wrestling fiction, I’ve posted the first semi-final match in the Producer’s Ring Secretarial Pool auditions. It pits first round stand-outs Jared Prudoff and Rafael Verga in a balls out, back and forth battle to the bitter end.

As I’ve worked my way deeper into this tournament, I’m finding myself having trouble saying goodbye to the inevitable losers who have to fall by the wayside. Choosing between Jared and Rafael to survive in my wrestling fiction world, for example, is a painful pill to swallow.
In the end, there are no ties in the Producer’s Ring, and one beautiful man inevitably comes out on top, though in this case someone also manages to cum out on the bottom. In the reality of the Producer’s Ring, the final decision of who will be victorious and claim a job with Brody Productions will have happened by the end of the day.
In our reality, it’ll probably take me another week or two to finish off the last two matches, though happily, both are already well under way. Hopefully they’ll be worth the wait.

One thought on “And Then There Were Three

  1. Saying goodbye to the losers IS sad, but it doesn't have to be permanent! After this current bout of matches, any of the losers could always save face by taking it out on another loser (like Alan Ritchson), or on a contender who didn't make it (like Phil Baroni), or on someone from out of the blue (like Paul Malignaggi)."The power is yours!"

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