Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

In my continuing efforts to spread the love, I’ve decided to highlight a “homoerotic wrestler of the month.” While I’ll continue to track the tugs and pulls at my heart for reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler (pornboy and nonpornboy divisions), I’d also like to promote the efforts month in and month out of the hard-working wrestlers and production companies fueling our fantasies. My hope is to give a shout out to a homoerotic wrestler who catches my eye, starring in a freshly released production in the previous calendar month. Now this “-of-the-month” may end up favoring specific wrestling companies that put out new material more frequently than others. Thems-the-breaks. Pornboys and nonpornboys are eligible, and any company that I can keep up with will be in the running each month, as long as they’re putting out new material.

My inaugural homoerotic wrestler of the month for his original performance released over the past month is Naked Kombat’s Trent Diesel: 6’0, 185 pounds, blond, with hot, classy ink, and definitely in the pornboy division (as evidenced by his name).
Trent earns the title as homoerotic wrestler of the month for his July 7th release on the NK site, in which it takes two opponents to manage to last just one match against Trent. In his first-first round against veteran Patrick Rouge, Trent lowers the boom and tweaks Patrick’s neck enough to send him packing.
Stuck with an abbreviated forfeit, NK found Alex Slater to show up another day and pick up the action against Trent. Thing is, Trent spanked Alex’ ass up and down, forward and backwards, coming and going, so much so that Alex could only manage 3 rather than the standard 4 rounds against Trent. Thus, this release required two wrestlers to go the full 4 rounds with my homoerotic wrestler of the month.
Needless to say, Trent comes out on top against Alex as well. I like Trent’s look. His face is handsome. His tats are gorgeous. His body is fantastic and fit. There’s just something about his legs that push me over the top, particularly when naked and squeezing his opponent between them. Trent’s record is 2-0 on NK, and with a few more appearances on the same trajectory as his first two, Trent could definitely be a contender to knock Mitch Colby out of his #1 Contender spot for my running favorite homoerotic wrestler pornboy. With the way he’s dispatched his first three challengers, I hope NK doesn’t run out of competitors willing to take a shot at him!

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