Get Out of My Dreams

Superherofan describes True Blood as “outgaying” itself with this week’s episode. I describe True Blood as ripped straight from my erotic fantasies (sans the wrestling), which I suppose is the same thing as outgaying itself. Alexander Skarsgård has starred in many of my wrestling fantasies and sexual fantasies, and his seduction of Theo Alexander’s character this week was spot on.

In my fantasies, Alexander would be surprisingly open to a man-on-man sexual liaison, just like in the plot of True Blood. In my fantasies, he obeys my command to take his clothes off, just like in the episode.

Yep, just like in the episode, my fantasies include an abundance of suck-face, and just to lay it all out there, I also picture Alexander on top, cradling my cheek, looking lustfully into my eyes.
Yep, both of us naked, Alexander taking his sweet, sweet time exploring and adoring every inch of my body.

Okay, everything about this last scene works in my fantasies as well, except that I don’t end up with a wooden stake in my heart. There’s also some exchange of bodyscissors and pec pounding in my imagination, and Alexander eventually makes me submit in a naked figure-4 headlock. But other than those few details, I swear Alan Ball has ripped this scene straight out of an oft-replayed fantasy scenario in my fondest imagination. God, this series is awesome…

2 thoughts on “Get Out of My Dreams

  1. Not to take anything away from Alexander, but I personally take more notice of the hairy vampire on the bottom. Who sadly apparently won't be on anymore. Not that it makes any difference to me–stupid basic cable.Thanks for the link on "Theo Alexander" though, so at least I got to see that much–Wow. And that climactic finale. That poor, poor man. The look of panicked realization at 1:17. Poor, hot innocent (judging from that "Now I take away his [family]" comment anyway). This will be distracting me for the rest of the day, now…

  2. Follow up: Without being able to watch the show, I did find this on Wikipedia: "Talbot is Russell Edgington's consort, turned by him some 700 years ago. He is seen to be very sensitive, taking interruptions to his carefully planned dinners and damage to his mansion very personally. Talbot has a liking for Eric Northman and seems to be totally uninterested in Russell's political plans. In episode 8, his anger over Russell's reaches a boling point and he starts to break the artifacts Russell has collected over the centuries. Eric agrees to spend time with him while Russell is out of town to calm him down. However, once they are alone Eric seduces him and stakes Talbot from behind, killing him. He is portrayed by Theo Alexander."So he was like a sensitive hairy jobber vampire?! Damn you, Eric, to hell! And thank you, Eric, at the same time. Loving jobbers sure can get confusing…

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