Another Side of Wrestling

I’m a giver. Against my better judgment, I took a dive into Why against my better judgment? Because this site looks like a one-trick pony. Big, big (big, big, big) boys strip down and stroke for some soft core tease. That seems to sum up most everything I’ve seen at Powermen. Often, you even see the (probably straight) boys throwing down some beers to get a little less inhibited for the camera, which may be a ploy to inspire imagined scenarios that anyone is gay with enough alcohol involved, but for me it isn’t so much a turn on. If you have to be inebriated to entertain the gay guys on this side of the camera, perhaps you should earn your money some other way. Still, Powermen features some wrestling scenarios. So against my better judgment, I signed up for a taste of the goods. It’s all solely in the name of research on your behalf. Like I said, I’m a giver.

First, it was awesome to discover that my very favorite bodybuilder boytoy from MuscleRomania has a strip-down-n-jerk-off scene on this site. Over at MuscleRomania he performs as Andrew, but for Powermen he performs as Dennis Martin. That face makes me melt. His ass makes me salivate. His pecs make my eyes water. Needless to say, there’s a lot of liquid involved.
But the real reason for my foray into this sideline is the wrestling (which tragically, Dennis/Andrew doesn’t do). Those whose kink is strictly wrestling, you’ll want to give this a pass. For the most part, these boys roll around and, at most, grab each other’s asses, rather than actually sell anything that you or I would actually register as wrestling. If massively huge muscle-heads (there appear to be no other body types here) playing around and then jerking off side-by-side in the shower will work for you, then perhaps you might want to dabble in this corner of the internet.
My favorite under the auspices of “wrestling” in Powermen is, ironically, the one with the least amount of wrestling in the genre. Beer buddies Kane Griffen and Jay Brosnan first dabble in some gear play, taking turns stripping and trying on extremely tight and skimpy gear. They pose for each other, and they each take some time admiring their buddy’s gargantuan muscles. One particularly tight club shirt ends up being a favorite of both bruisers, which results in some “wrestling” on the bed.
The “wrestling” lasts about four and a half minutes. These gym bunnies are big enough to do some serious damage to one another, so it’s probably no wonder that they mostly just squeeze and stretch each other pretty carefully, alternating frequently who’s on top. Frankly, I have no idea who is supposed to be “Kane” and who is “Jay,” so I’m going to arbitrarily call my favorite of the two, the blond, tanned muscle hunk, Jay. When Jay muscles out of a bearhug and snaps one of his own on Kane, my wrestling kink is nearly triggered. With some private coaching involving some humbling discipline and a good dose of sexual domination, I think Jay could be a player in homoerotic wrestling circles. Come to mention it, that very scenario (private coaching with humbling discipline and a good dose of sexual domination) is quite a pet fantasy of mine, which explains the entire Major Domos series of matches in my wrestling fiction.
Far too quickly, Jay and Kane quit their romp and retire to nearby chairs for a side-by-side jerk-off session. There’s something a little disorienting about the way Powermen films their duets. My hunch is that they’ve got some straight porn playing off camera to inspire the boys. They’re riveted and glassy-eyed as they stroke themselves, oblivious to the drop dead gorgeous body sitting next to them. This straight-boy for gay-eyes angle is a little less than fully satisfying in my book.
Still, Jay hammering one out is awfully mesmerizing to watch. Kane seems to be the headliner for some reason, commanding a lot more air time in the act of masturbating and in his extended shower scene afterward. But give me Jay any day… in (then out of) that orange thong… mine day and night for private wrestling tutoring… taking turns who’s on top… long, hot showers afterward…
Powermen knows that there’s a market here, and they’ve set up their portable, seasonal shop in the middle of the mall to catch-as-catch can gay wrestling kinksters like you and me. I don’t begrudge that. Be forewarned, though. If you like to see your massive bodybuilders actually wrestle, you’ll only be half satisfied with the Powermen formula. If that’s enough, check out Jay (and Dennis) and let me know if you’re as smitten as I am.

2 thoughts on “Another Side of Wrestling

  1. Thank you for throwing yourself on this grenade for the rest of us, Bard. Somebody probably had to do it–and among us you're the most trustworthy (in gauging MY tastes, anyway, and unnecessarily kindhearted … in giving a naked oiled-up muscle boy a chance to prove what he can do–even if, in fact, it's your own imagination having to do 99% of the work).

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