Gods and Men

True story: I was at a random strip show in Chicago several years back and saw who, I believe today, was
Jason Adonis. It was just a few months before I caught sight of Jason at Jet Set, and so when he appeared larger than life in a porn DVD near me, I was so excited to have seen him in person. I’m 98% sure it was him. He was as stunning person as on screen, and there was something a little unreal about a man this ridiculously gorgeous and massive stripping for tips.

Even if it was a trick of my imagination (entirely possible… you know me and my imagination), Jason Adonis has remained a sentimental favorite. When he wrestled in the Jet Set/Can-Am joint ventures, it was almost too good for me to believe: the physique of a Greek god and the face of a cherub wrestling for sucks and fucks.
Both in his strip show and in everything I’ve seen of him, it’s Jason’s legs that make me tear up a little. Those massive, massive, tree trunk quads are like crack to me. And speaking of crack, that muscle butt of his ought to be on display in the Louvre. When those legs are wrapped around some dumbass muscle head who doesn’t realize that he’s just about to scream, I’m in ecstasy.
My July homoerotic wrestler of the month, Trent Diesel, recently blogged about an upcoming Raging Stallion production called “Brutal,” that appears to be a fight club scenario. Trent, Race Cooper, and my #1 favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, Rusty Stevens, are all leading men in this production. Apparently, Jason Adonis is making a “comeback” of sorts in the same product, though it doesn’t appear that he’s in the initial cast photo up on Trent’s blog. I’m not sure about the wrestling/fight kink legits of Raging Stallion, and I’m just saying for the record right now that 2 minutes of play fighting and 45 minutes of fucking does not wrestling-kink make. You and I both know that I’m going to be helpless against the need to see this thing, regardless.
This YouTube interview with Jason is sweet, if a little dated now that he’s over at Raging Stallion and all his chatter about loyalty to JetSet seems a little weak. His heart-searching confessional about whether 30 is too old for gay porn is a sad commentary on gay eroticism (even though Jason apparently concludes that it’s not too old, which is good for all of us who are happy to see a 30 year old Jason back on camera).
The whole thing tugs at my conscience. The commodification of bodies for voyeuristic erotic pleasure has long been severely critiqued as dehumanizing and ultimately destructive, particularly to those on Jason’s side of the camera. In his interview, he alludes to the pressure to take “supplements,” and to bottom as a sign of desperation, and the lack of health insurance, and going broke. It doesn’t require that one be a porn star to face those very same struggles, of course. But I do just hold out hope that the boys of porn, and particularly my favorite homoerotic wrestlers, have some dignity, health, hope and self-esteem. It’s a buzz kill to worry about it too long, but at least for me, I appreciate the moments of self-reflective questioning about what it means to consume, produce, perform and obsess over the homoerotic wrestling industry.
Until I come up with some more definitive answer, I’ll let you know what I think of Brutal as soon as I get my hands on it.

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