Rare Beef

I’m pretty sure that Mr. Mike at Thunders Arena believes me when I say that I meant no harm in prior comments about Thunders seeming like a side dish of wrestling (rather than a main course). At least, Mr. Mike tells me that I have permission to post Thunders Arena pics on my blog, and that seems friendly enough to me. And frankly, after Joe’s interview with Mr. Mike and wrestler Ace Hanson over at Ringside at Skull Island, I’ve been taking a fresh look at Thunders after a couple years away from them. Since the last time I really took a look, Thunders Arena has been setting a much more well-rounded table. And there’s a particular beef entree that’s making my mouth water.
I like this. I like this a whole, whole lot. There’s no turn of phrase that’s going to communicate quite authentically how much I like this, so let me just repeat myself for emphasis: I like this.
This is Coupe. You know that I’m frequently going on about muscleboys, muscleheads, musclebutts, etc. But Coupe is a different animal entirely. Coupe is a muscle freak. Not all muscle freaks are guaranteed golden in my book. There’s a point at which too much vascularity, too little body fat, and a physique that essentially has GNC tattooed across the ass crosses over into curiosity-rather-than-sexy territory for me. Coupe, however, is millimeters shy of that line, meaning that I’m simply captivated by every image and every clip I find of him.
He’s done some adorable behind-the-scenes clips on Thunders TV, several hamming it up and gratuitously throwing down with Cameron Mathews. Coupe has a self-possession, sense of humor, and humility about him that makes me completely at his mercy. And, of course, there’s that phyique…  speaking of being at Coupe’s mercy, he’s lately been launching a barrage of arousing wrestling fantasies in my imagination that involve me getting squeezed, tossed, pummeled and squeezed (I know I said that twice…) by every limb of that muscle freak physique. Take me for a ride, Coupe!
I could chew on that for days.
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