A Disturbing Glimpse

Snapper sent me a link to “BattleBang.” This is one of those perplexing glimpses into heterosexual porn… I guess… that oddly attracts me and repulses me at the same time (or in rapid succession… I’ll explain…).

Apparently, BattleBang pits two male porn stars against one another in a cage fight. The winner is rewarded with sex with the pretty woman, and the loser is punished by suffering humiliating domination by an overweight dominatrix.

As Snapper put it, “Now, who is this supposed to be marketed to?” I know that straight guys watch cage fighting, but as foreplay? Really?
The action looks sincere, though tap outs seem to come in rapid succession. Some of the boys look quite hot, which again makes me wonder about what straight guys are looking for in their porn. Setting aside the sex with women, this could just about tweak my kink. But the story just puts me off. The motivation (winner fucks the “hot chick,” loser suffers at the hands of an unattractive dominatrix) is just too aversive for me. This seems like a lose-lose scenario, and the less I have to see or ponder straight sex of any kind, the happier and healthier I am.
Perhaps the bi guys among us can get into this more than I can. More power to you. I think NakedKombat is writing our version of this concept, with better action and a more intrinsically motivated payoff that doesn’t include “poontang” (seriously, someone is still using that term?). It does highlight for me the importance of the narrative in my erotic imagination. The context, the story can make a wrestling match sizzling hot for me. See Joe for some extremely hot story concepts that can turn me on before I even know who is starring in them. And, as BattleBang illustrates, some of the same elements that rev my engine, transported into a different narrative and heading in an entirely different direction, takes something potentially hot and douses it with ice water. I can think of much more entertaining scenarios for some of these pics than the bizarre truth. And in my scenarios, those baggy shorts don’t last long at all in the fight.

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